Business Technology Engineers (BTAs) are launching the Policy Automation Engine (PAE) – a service that combines hardware intelligence with field-proven processes to enable segmentation of macro and micro data at multiple policy enforcement points.

Alpharetta, Georgia., August 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Business Technology Architects (BTA), known for its experience implementing Zero Trust initiatives across multiple industries, is an IT networking infrastructure firm dedicated to accelerating the adoption of security, data center and enterprise networking technologies. As the Cisco partner of choice responsible for optimizing IT networks and data centers for some of the biggest names in the manufacturing, healthcare and financial industries, BTA has launched a new Zero Trust solution that simplifies data segmentation and security across the enterprise.

This Zero Trust solution is called the Policy Automation Engine (PAE):

  • Automate macro and micro segmentation processes that protect organizations from data breaches.
  • Programmatically connects your Application Data Manager to your network managers and firewalls.
  • It integrates Cisco Secure Workload (CSW) management domains and Application Central Infrastructure (ACI) to provide consistent end-to-end policy segmentation.
  • Leverage BTA’s proven policy approval tools and processes – successfully deployed with over 100 clients.
  • Expand Zero Trust initiatives across organizations.
  • Available as a SaaS offering or on-premises.

“Nearly every organization has a Zero Trust initiative – which involves small segments that need to be linked into a broader segmentation effort in order to provide full security and management capabilities.” He said Ken FeeCEO of Business Technology Engineers. “The automation that PAE provides allows these organizations to accelerate security policy deployment across their IT infrastructure with a whole new level of efficiency.” he added.

PAE is a component of BTA’s patented Architect Explorerâ„¢ AI/ML-based network analytics and security suite that helps enterprise organizations modernize and optimize their IT infrastructure to protect the organization’s business interests. For a demo, interview, or to find out more, please get in touch (email protected).

About BTA

Business Technology Architects (BTA) is an IT networking infrastructure firm specializing in aligning data center hardware and software capabilities to create a more secure and resilient technology environment for Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2010, BTA is a Cisco partner of choice that has led IT infrastructure and software deployment initiatives For both the commercial and government sectors – including manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services. To learn more about Business Technology Engineers, please visit their website at

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