Winner of the Architecture Book of the Year 2023 is known

Winner of the Architecture Book of the Year 2023 is known

Enterprise, A mixture of story, research and caution, it focuses on the fragility of objects in general, going beyond architecture and heritage. It invites us to think about conservation and conservation as fundamental political elements, and addresses topics ranging from everyday objects to nuclear waste.

It alternates between concrete anecdotes and philosophical musings, encouraging reflection on sustainability, consumption, obsolescence and the authenticity of objects while appreciating those who care for them.

Jerome Dennis He is Professor of Sociology at Mines Paris-PSL, and works at the Center for Sociology of Innovation. In collaboration with David Pontel, he co-wrote Petite sociology de la Signatique (Presses des Mines, 2010) and contributed to the creation of the blog, which was turned into a book published by Non Standard in 2019.

David Pontell He holds the position of Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research, and is also a member of the Center for Sociology of Innovation at Mines Paris-PSL.

Architectural award

this price It aims to promote and familiarize the general public with various aspects of architectural culture, whether academic, imaginative, sensitive or literary, or engaged in key questions of architectural and urban planning and their societal issues.

Furthermore, the jury also praised Anne-Marie Chatelet, Amandine Dinner, Marie-Jeanne Dumont and Danielle Le Cuedec for their work. Architecture in its schools Encyclopedia of architectural education in the twentieth centurypublished by Editions Locus Solus, constitutes a major contribution to the history of architectural education.

List of candidates for this 2023 edition

On 4 July, the Architecture Book Awards jury, chaired by Sylvie Clavell, made a selection Six works :

Jean-Christophe Bailey, Paris anywayEditions La Fabrique

Karim Basbous, Architecture and dignityBRAUP VERSIONS

Jerome Dennis, David Pontel, Take care of things. La Decouvert editions

Cyril Broglie, Christelle Lecour, Al Sayer Villa. Marcel Breuer in Glanville. Bernard Chauveau prints –
Architecture places

Colette by Mathieu Lablode, Historic gardens: theories and practices of their restoration
Pierre-Andre LabloodHermann Editions

Anne-Marie Chatelet, Amandine Dinner, Marie-Jeanne Dumont, Daniel Le Quedec, Architecture in its Schools: An Encyclopedia of Architectural Teaching in the Twentieth CenturyLux Solus Editions

2023 jury members Architecture Book Award from the Academy of Architecture:

Sylvie Clavel, Chairman of the Jury and Member of the Academy of Architecture
Remy Butler, architect, teacher, member of the Academy of Architecture
François Chaslain, architect, architecture critic, laureate 2019, member of the Academy of Architecture
Claude Meissonnier, winner of the Architectural Book Prize 2022, and member of the Academy of Architecture
Eric Monnin, professor and researcher at ENSA Lille
Benjamin Moton, Chief Historic Architect and Academy Trustee
Virginie Bacon Lefebvre, architect, professor at ENSA Paris-Belleville
Gwennael Quirin, architect, urban planner, architecture critic, 2018 Publications Medal
Academy of Architecture
Emmanuel Romani, architect, teacher at ENSA Paris-Belleville
Cyril Simonet, architect, winner of the 2020 Architecture Book Prize

Founded in 1840 Under the name Société Centrale des Architectes, the Academy of Architecture is a scientific institution dedicated to promoting excellence in architecture. Its main mission is to promote the field of architecture through various initiatives aimed at identifying its actors, teaching it, researching it, and disseminating architectural culture. As a custodian of architectural history, the Academy also maintains an important archive, which is classified and protected.

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