Why is there a toilet here?

Why is there a toilet here?

A man renovates a laundry room bathroom in an old house.  He flushes the toilet.  Real scenario.  Filming took place in North America.

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Finding a toilet in an “odd” location does not mean that the builders or homeowners made a mistake. There is often a very good reason to install a toilet on a platform or in a basement.

Because toilets and bathrooms are newer additions to the home, their inclusion has evolved over time into what we now expect to find inside a home: a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower, or a bathtub with a door. But while looking for an older home to buy recently, I discovered that wasn’t always the case.

As the residential bathroom has evolved, toilets have been included in spaces that no longer make sense to the modern homeowner. However, there is a reason for many of these strange placements.

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Why is there a toilet in the unfinished basement?

A-The toilet and the trash can sit in the corner of the concrete basement.

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Have you ever seen a random toilet in the basement? The single toilet in the basement is so popular that it has a name: the Pittsburgh Potty. Just as an outdoor shower or mudroom helps with muddy shoes and messes from dirtying a house, the Pittsburgh potty was placed in the basement so workers wouldn’t track the mess into the rest of the house. Another benefit of a basement toilet was that it helped prevent sewage from accumulating in the rest of the house, which was a very real problem in the early days of plumbing.

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Why is there a toilet on the platform?

Platform toilets are not unusual in older homes that have basement bathrooms. In these cases, it may appear as if the toilet is on a stage, and there may be a step or two to climb to reach the toilet. However, he is not on stage for performance or aesthetics. The platform saves space for plumbing when drilling through a concrete slab is difficult.

A toilet flush is often conspicuously high, but if there is space on the platform to sit comfortably and there is plenty of head room, it is practical. It’s certainly not the strangest place for a toilet I’ve seen.

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Why is there a toilet at the landing of the stairs?

Newton pennsylvania house with restroom on landing pictured from zillow

Image: Zillow.com

When bathrooms were added to homes, some homeowners decided that the ideal spot was a staircase landing. The landing is usually large enough for a small cloakroom, but some older homes have spaces that can accommodate a full bathroom.

Unlike other strange places for toilets, this one makes it difficult for family members to go upstairs or downstairs without walking on the person in the bathroom. This toilet position already exists; When I was looking for an old house to buy, I came across a house with a toilet in the basement.

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Why is there a toilet in the closet?

Older homes are not known for having a lot of closet space, but those that did had closets had an excellent built-in location that was perfect for the bathroom. However, if you’ve ever tried to store modern items in an old cabinet, you probably already know that they weren’t the size we expect from cabinets today.

Its small size means it would be difficult to fit a toilet and sink in one. Since cabinets are often placed side by side, one cabinet can be converted into a toilet room and the adjacent cabinet can become a sink or bathroom.

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Why is there a toilet in the bedroom?

Luxurious small bathroom with shower under the stairs leading to another level.

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As bathrooms moved indoors, deciding where to add a bathroom in an existing home was difficult. In some homes, homeowners replaced the bedroom with a bathroom. However, not every homeowner was willing to give up the bedroom, so some added a toilet and sink in the bedroom.

Often times in a larger or master bedroom, the toilet and sink will not have any walls around them. Today, many homes in the UK still have a bath, basin or toilet in the bedroom.

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