Why don’t Scandinavian kitchens have wall units?

Why don’t Scandinavian kitchens have wall units?

“I believe the ubiquitous presence of wall units goes back to the first modern-style functional kitchens, which sought to optimize space while providing as much comfort as possible for cooking.”“, explains Carlos Tomás. Margarete Schütte Lehotzky (Vienna, 1897-2000), the first Austrian female architect and innovator, mentions in 1926 the so-called Frankfurt Kitchen, which established the principles of modern cuisine.

At that time, this architect was commissioned to design kitchens for a social housing complex in Frankfurt. She then spoke with hundreds of stay-at-home moms to design what became her most famous project. “I was never a stay-at-home mom and I didn’t know how to cook at all.”she later admitted.

The architect invented a model of the kitchen that, almost a century later, has become by far the most common: modular, practical, efficient, and tiled for easy cleaning (and if possible in green and blue, which, according to his research, would help repel flies). His kitchen also features practical aluminum food storage units, which are still marketed today, with beechwood worktops and hidden ironing boards.

Designer and colorful kitchen in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Max Rummel

“In a way, this solution that favors modularity and efficiency has become the norm, which is a good thing. But if we want to create spaces that are welcoming and unique, sometimes we have to go beyond simple functionality.”polled Carlos Tomás. In the search for essentials, these wall elements are the first to be eliminated. It can be replaced with shelf, tiles, etc. I think this is exactly what makes good design. The kitchen should be smart and functional, but the solution should also be welcoming and warm. »

Can we do without wall units in the kitchen?

“It is quite possible to leave certain tools in sight, stored on shelves or hanging on the bar, so that everything is within easy reach without having to open and close doors. For me this is an argument in favor of eliminating wall furniture.”Carlos Thomas thinks. Another tip? A large floor-to-ceiling cabinet stores items without visually cluttering the space.

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