When is it time for final mowing before winter: expert advice |

When is it time for final mowing before winter: expert advice |

Cooling temperatures during the fall slow grass growth, but you may want to cut your lawn one last time before winter arrives. It can be difficult to judge when the last mowing of the season is right, because you don’t want to ultimately damage the health of your lawn.

Getting the timing and height of the final cut before winter can be important as part of any lawn care regimen. Leaving the lawn a little longer can protect the roots from the winter cold and see them emerge healthy again next spring.

If you have a final pre-winter mowing on your fall gardening checklist, it’s important to monitor temperatures and definitely get out with the mower before the first hard frost of the year hits your garden.

Mow the grass in the fall

Mowing is an important part of fall lawn care

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When should you do the final cutting of the lawn before winter?

The exact timing of any final pre-winter mowing depends on your location and the hardiness zone in the United States, which will directly affect when the grass enters dormancy. We hear from some experts about the signs to look for and get some tips for getting your lawn finished before winter.

Close-up of red lawn mower cutting grass

The growth rate of grass decreases at low temperatures

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How to determine the final mowing time before winter

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