What happens with Longworth Hall and the new Ohio River Bridge?

What happens with Longworth Hall and the new Ohio River Bridge?

The future of Longworth Hall has long been linked to the future of the Brent Spence Bridge.

With the bridge project now moving forward, so is Longworth Hall — its owners have agreed to sell to the state of Ohio and the state has confirmed plans to demolish the building’s eastern fifth.

Michael Schweitzer, whose father converted the former railway depot into an office building in the 1980s, signed a letter of intent to sell the iconic Queensgate property on October 12.

Assuming the deal goes ahead, the Ohio Department of Transportation will pay Schweitzer and his three brothers $25 million for Longworth Hall.

“I think the state got a good deal,” said Schweitzer, the on-site hotel manager. “I think we got a good deal.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation will remove 210 feet from the east end of Longworth Hall, roughly where white paint marks appear on the limestone column, upper right.

From freight train to office space

Longworth Hall, located at 700 W. Pete Rose Way, was built as a freight depot for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. In 1904.

Then one of the tallest buildings in the country, originally just a quarter mile at 1,277 feet, the facility could hold up to 125 train cars at a time.

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