When a designer known for having a particular knack for color and pattern collaborates with a design house known for creating widely loved paint colors and wallpapers, you know the results will be exceptional. This is the case with White carda new collection from the designer Christopher John Rogers In cooperation with Farrow & Ball. The collaboration consists of four basic neutrals, eight vibrant colors, and three wallpaper prints, each of which is beautiful in its own way.

Even if you’ve seen hundreds of paint samples before, we have a hunch these new looks will excite your eyes. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of creative sources, from artist Ellsworth Kelly to airport decor, Rogers turned to his childhood memories of food and family to create the 12 colors.

Designer Christopher John Rogers

Every designer, creative, and design enthusiast knows that finding the right color for a space can be very difficult. With Carte Blanche, searching is now much easier. Below, the shades are described by the designer and the design house themselves:

Christopher John Rogers mixing paint

Painted mural in the bedroom

Green paint sample

Pig plum: It is a muddy yellow color reminiscent of the sweet and sour fruit found throughout Central America and the southern states.

Beige painted window corner with polka dot wallpaper

Beige paint swatch

Roasted Macadamia: A favorite of squirrels, this soft neutral is named after the nut of a similar shade.

Pink painted door in the living room

Pink paint sample

Leeks: A cheerful pink color that takes its name from a sweeter member of the allium family widely used in Cajun cuisine.

Desk and chair in a red corner room

Red paint sample

Romesco: A rich, gorgeous red hue that evokes the classic Spanish sauce, which can also be used as a favorite makeup shade.

Yellow plaid shirt hanging on a wooden hook

Gray paint sample

Cardamom: A rich brown color inspired by the warm, versatile spice used in dishes around the world.

Green door trim under the stairs

Green paint sample

Raw Tomatoes: This cheerful, green topping is inspired by fried green tomatoes made by my beloved grandmother.

Orange window in a blue painted room

Blue paint sample

Lobster: A vibrant blue color that takes its name from a famous Louisiana fishery.

Blue painted shutters with striped wall

Gray and blue paint swatch

Sardines: This silvery blue color takes its name from his beloved grandfather’s favorite afternoon snack.

An ivory painted room with two covered chairs and a yellow pendant lamp

Ivory paint sample

Au Lait: This smooth white is inspired by New Orleans’ famous chicory coffee, which is often served with steamed milk.

Charcoal painted room

Gray paint sample

Licorice: This deep black candy is a classic candy made using the root of the plant from which it takes its name.

Blue painted room with cobalt cabinetry

Blue paint sample

Blue Corn: This deep blue color is inspired by the unique color of corn popular in Mexico and the southern states.

A room painted blue with a blue pendant, a blue sofa and a blue rug

Blue paint sample

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea: Bright blue in color, this shade is named after the brightly colored beverage made by infusing petals from butterfly pea flowers.

Christopher John Rogers background checks

For the graphic wallpapers, he drew inspiration from shapes from his own works, Bauhaus textiles, and one of Farrow & Ball’s timeless typeface designs. Each of the three wallpaper designs comes in four different colors using colors from the Carte Blanche palette, creating a seamless collection that can easily translate onto blank walls.

Polka dot wallpaper with hanging art and a carved lamp

dotted background

a point

Examine the wallpaper in the dining room

Checkered wallpaper


Green striped wallpaper with dining table and dining chairs

Stripe wallpapers


For more information about the Carte Blanche collection, visit Farrow-balk.com.

As Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She probably shares what she finds on Instagram Stories. You can also find them at vytranyang.com.

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