Upgrade your home garden with these stunning wall plants

Upgrade your home garden with these stunning wall plants

Plants are an integral part of our lives and hence they are an obvious addition to home decor. You may have heard of indoor plants that increase space, but there are also wall plants that are known to be a great way to create aesthetic wall decor. Wall plants are synonymous with vertical gardens that can easily add a touch of nature to your home and office decor. In addition to decoration, these plants also ensure fresh air quality which has become essential with the rise in air pollution. Check out our list of wall plants that you can add to your home decor.

Climbing hydrangea

Climbing hydrangea is a versatile vine that produces year-round flowers. Its glossy green leaves and white flowers make it the perfect addition to wall decor. You can plant your hydrangea on a north or east-facing wall to ensure it gets enough sunlight for its growth. Also make sure that its soil does not dry out too much in the summer. Climbing hydrangea can be a perfect change to a balcony wall that doesn’t look good on you.


Honeysuckle is a beautiful flowering plant that you can add to your wall decor. Its sweet-smelling flowers enlarge the space without any room freshener. Honeysuckle produces flowers during the summer and creates the perfect ambiance with its sweet scent.

English Ivy

Another vine you can add to your home decor is the English Ivy. This plant can thrive well in cool, low light conditions making it an ideal addition to indoor spaces. You can grow English ivy on your balcony and attach it to your living room wall so that it spreads and adds to your living room wall decor.

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Clematis is known as ‘Marodphali’ in India. This summer plant (an indoor plant that produces fruit) thrives under peak sunny conditions requiring 6 hours of direct sunlight. But its roots do the opposite. This plant needs regular water to keep its roots moist. You can keep this plant on a shelf attached to your balcony wall so that it can get enough sunlight to survive while adding to your wall decor.

Star jasmine

The star-shaped jasmine plant is an ideal addition to home decor (ways to decorate empty corners of the house). The fragrant flowers of this plant bloom from late spring to summer. When summer gets hot, this plant will ensure a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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Get these plants and add them to your home to easily change your wall.

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