UK companies ranked by pay: Pay 100 report on salaries and unpaid overtime | News

UK companies ranked by pay: Pay 100 report on salaries and unpaid overtime |  News

UK pay transparency advocates The Pay 100 have released their latest set of survey data on average salaries at UK companies. Expanding on last year’s opening results snapshot, the 2023 addition also includes data on unpaid overtime.

As Architect Magazine reported, nearly 1,000 applications have been submitted to the database. Like the 2022 edition, the latest tables are organized into three common UK industry job titles: Architectural Assistant Part 1 (less than three years in position), Architectural Assistant Part 2 (less than three years in position), and Architect/Architectural Designer (Less than five years in the role).

The Archinect Salary Survey features thousands of crowd-sourced salary data from across the architecture community

For Part 1 associates, the highest average annual surveys were found at Foster + Partners (£31,000), Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (£30,000), Burwell Architects (£30,000) and Zaha Hadid Architects (£29,000). . For Part 2 associates, the highest ranked firms were Adamson Associates (£43,000), Studio Egret West (£40,000), Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (£37,700) and Foster + Partners (£37,000). Finally, for architects/architectural designers, the top rated firms were BSBG (£56,000), Mace (£49,000), Ström Architects (£48,500) and Benoy (£48,000).

An additional feature in the 2023 edition is The Pay 100 revealing the weekly unpaid overtime hours worked for each company in its ranking. For architects and architectural designers, notable listings include BDP Pattern with 15 hours of unpaid overtime per week, Heatherwick Studio with 13 hours, HKR Architects with 20 hours, and Zaha Hadid Architects with 20 hours.

Archinect Advantage: For what it’s worth: unpaid overtime among future architects

“This year we identified ourselves with the 350 practices that were submitted in our 2022 survey,” say the organizers. “We have provided an update on opportunities for them to participate in the Pay 100, such as accreditation or announcement of employee benefits alongside the 2023 survey list. Our ambition going forward is to increase engagement in practices, to build on what we started as an industry seeking to improve financial conditions in “The economy remains full of challenges.”

You can help us in our ongoing effort to provide insights into salaries in architectural practice across the USA by responding anonymously to Archinect’s ongoing salary survey, which is currently approaching 20,000 submissions.

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