Two agencies were awarded 2023 parity awards

Two agencies were awarded 2023 parity awards

The ceremony was opened by Helen Fernandez, Director of Architecture at the Ministry of Culture and godmother of this first edition of the awards. Helen Fernandez He stressed the importance of promoting and highlighting the professional lives of women in the architecture sector, which is a sector characterized by a very high rate of feminization, as the percentage of female students today reaches 61%. In our schools Architecture and their professional backgrounds There is Very versatile.

System President Christine Leconte, He welcomed this new award. According to her, although there are many women working in the field of architecture, there is still a lack of women who are able to advance themselves, even when they are leaders.Axe a job. Parity Awards therefore represent an opportunity to promote exemplary career paths, and an important component of wider action Topics ofEquality and combating harassment and discriminationWhich can be sustained particularly through joint work with Actors in the profession and state services.

Elizabeth Gossart, National Advisor Responsible for organizing the awardsHe referred to the criteria for granting awards: Career development at the agency, good Balance between private and professional life, Suitable conditions for living fatherhood, Level and equal pay As well as systems to prevent discrimination and harassment.

2023 Parity Award Winners

The 2023 Parity Prize is awarded to ejo.cooperative, SCOP (Society for Cooperative Production) six The staff includes two co-directors, a man and a woman, and is based in Mont Saint Vincent in Saône-et-Loire.
Fanny Costicaldi, architect, and Lucy Garzon, landscape designer, highlighted the shape of their collaborative structure, which is concerned with equality in all areas, including gender equality. Convinced of the importance of vigilantly applying parity on a daily basis, the The structure ensures and practices equal pay closely with the level of responsibility, equal distribution of benefits, and freedom provided to each employee in choosing his level of responsibility. They They announced themselves I am honored to receive this award, which they see This is a strong indication of the sector’s development towards greater parity and equality.

Lingat Architectes received an award with mention for social engagement, which welcomes its action to open the agency to residents from priority neighborhoods through the PAQTE agreement for third-year internships, as well as to employ work-study students. Moreover, this agency, Which brings together 17 employees in Reims, It meets all the jury’s expectations in terms of parity. Lawrence Club, Director General of the agency, expressed her pride in contributing with this award to changing awareness. According to her, the enormous challenges facing society require us to rely on the creativity of all talents, whatever their individual characteristics.

Formation of the 2023 Parity Awards jury:
– Helen Fernandez, Director in Charge of Architecture at the Ministry of Culture
-Valerie Fleccouto, Vice President of CNOA
-Elizabeth Gossart, National Advisor at CNOA
-Anne Labruelle, Vice President of CROA Ile-de-France and founder of MéMO (Movement for Equality in Project Management)
– Emmanuelle Bourne, editor-in-chief of L’Architecture d’hui magazine

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