Beads, statement earrings, oversized hoops, space-age bracelets, gold chains and necklaces strutted the runways during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The same trends also appear in fine jewelry design studios. Some pieces felt nostalgic, while others were futuristic – it’s the season when jewelery is a game-changer and will elevate any outfit. Here are five looks you can invest in now!

-Gemstone beads necklace

Ralph Lauren beaded necklaces from the Spring/Summer 2024 runway

Mallary Marks Mix Briolette Beads and Gemstone Necklaces provide a bright, optimistic feel in color and proportion.

– Long and heavy link chain

Gabriela Hearst from the 2024 fashion show

This Walters Faith 30″ 18k rose gold link chain with large oval diamond link can be won long or double wrapped.

Beva from the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show

This 18k gold Anita Ko hoop is smooth with textural interest.

-A pair of large yellow gold hoops

Gabriela Hearst from the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show

Beck’s 18-karat gold pearl-embellished hoops are generous in size but do not weigh down the ear.

A pair of extra long earrings

Ralph Lauren from the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show

The Ondyn Grand Ilumine Diamond Earrings are a modified version of the extra-long shoulder dusters we saw on the runway and sparkle with diamonds.

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