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Named after typical golf course designs, Tour Edge today announces its 2024 template series. The collection features black PVD and silver PVD versions in three revised variants and four new designs.

More specifically, seven total head shapes will be available in Black PVD and Silver PVD: Alps, Biarritz, Eden, Maiden, Narrows, Punchbowl, and Valley.

Across their line of blades, hammers and semi-hammers, Tour Edge engineers have emphasized optimal center of gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI).

“Our new mold putter series has made huge leaps in the look and feel department,” said Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod. “This putter line combines today’s technology with classic putter designs and blends the two perfectly, just like what die golf holes are designed to do in course geometry.”

Each putter in the line is individually CNC milled with Micro-Groove face technology (20% deeper than previous generation) for a smooth feel and reduced slippage for better spin.

Die Series beaters are made of 304 stainless steel and feature a beaded silver PVD finish and a black PVD finish.

Additionally, Contrast Alignment displays contrast between black and white for easier alignment.

Individual putter details and original die hole information are below, via Tour Edge.

Alps: The longer wings on the Alpine make it a traditional mallet putter with a higher MOI, while the double bending hosel provides greater pendulum accuracy both straight from the back and through the stroke. Balanced facial stability with less facial torsion is the hallmark of this design.

Original mold hole: Prestwick (hole #17) Notables: Fishers Island (hole #4), National Golf Links of America (hole #3), Gibson Island (hole #4), The Greenbrier – Old White (hole #13), Yale (hole # 12))

Biarritz: Biarritz’s high MOI mallet design provides maximum comfort, while the double-curved, face-balanced barrel of a straight-back pendulum is designed straight through the putter position due to the club face rotating less during the putting stroke.

Original mold hole: Golf de Biarritz (Hole #3) Notables: Chicago GC – (Hole #8), Camargo (Hole #13), Mid Ocean Club (Hole #13), Fox Chapel (Hole #13)

Aden: The only blade racket in the series, the Eden features a classic design with a plumber neck that suits players with straight strokes.

Original mold hole: Old Course at St. Andrews (hole 11) Notables: Fishers Island Club (hole 11), Essex County CC (hole 11), Camargo Club (hole 5), St. Louis CC (hole 3), Old MacDonald (Slot No. 2)

virgin: The medium mallet design features a forgiving plumber neck that helps players tidy up the club face. It matches very well with a straight, arc-shaped stroke and is suitable for a player who tends to leave the club face open at impact.
Original template hole: Royal St George’s Golf Club (hole #6) Notables: Essex County CC (hole #12), Southampton Golf Club (hole #3), Charleston CC (hole #7), Yeamans Hall Club (hole # 11)

Narrows: The winged mid-hammer design features a slanted neck with mid-toe suspension ideal for hitting with a slight arc, where the closing angle of the forehand is moderate and compensates for the tension of the stroke as your hands will naturally be set up in front of the ball.

CS narrows: The mid-winged mallet design is coupled with a center shaft in the Narrows CS model that creates a balanced, alignment-oriented club suitable for players who keep their eyes directly above the ball and take the club straight back and swing directly across the ball.

Original mold hole: Muirfield (hole 15) Notables: National Golf Links of America (hole 15), Metairie Country Club (hole 6), Forsgate Country Club (hole 2)

Punch bowl: A full-round mallet with forgiveness and accuracy that promotes high MOI and a plumber’s neck, an ideal choice for straight-pattern shots that tend to push shots to the right for right-handed golfers.

Original mold slots: Royal Liverpool – Hoylake (hole 9) and Royal Ports Sync (hole 3) Notables: National Golf Links of America (hole 16), Creek Club – (hole 6), Chicago GC (hole 12), Sleepy Holo (hole 15), Streamsong Black (hole 9)

the valley: The medium mallet design features a forgiving plumber neck that helps players adjust the club face. It matches very well with a straight, arc-shaped stroke and is suitable for a player who tends to leave the club face open at impact.

Original mold hole: National Golf Links of America (Hole #1) Notables: Mid Ocean (Hole #8), Blue Mound Golf and CC (Hole #6), Friar’s Head (Hole #1)

Prices, specifications and availability

Lying angle: 71 degrees
the attic: 3 degrees
control: Lamkin deep engraved pistol
Lengths: 34 inch, 35 inch
Left hand options: Eden, narrow
In retail: November 1

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