Timeless Thrissur ‘tharavadu’ combines contemporary elegance with antiquity | Lifestyle decor

Timeless Thrissur ‘tharavadu’ combines contemporary elegance with antiquity |  Lifestyle decor

Sarada Vihar is 70 years old and is famous for ‘Tharavadu’ in Thrissur. Here is the story of its renovation, undertaken with a keen respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to the contemporary.

The house was located on the main road, and a lot of dust accumulated there, which rose from the street. Therefore, the height of the compound wall was increased and a ring of bamboo trees was planted along the perimeter.

The outdoor space was artistically designed, featuring resilient plants such as calathea, which effectively mitigated the ingress of dust and noise from the nearby road.

The exterior view of the house shows a striking composition: a prominent cantilevered box, elegant Louvre windows, laterite-clad walls, crowned with an Old World tiled roof.

The wood finish is brilliantly achieved through the use of Fundermax cladding panels that adorn the main portal and two smaller entrances. The walls of the complex are covered with extensive laterite panels.

It is undeniable that the piece de resistance of the house is the green courtyard that can be accessed from inside the residence and via the balcony. A touch of timeless elegance is given by the traditional ‘Tulasi Thara’ that adorns this enchanting space.

The lower level of the 3,100-square-foot residence elegantly includes the porch, living area, dining space, kitchen, sitting area, patio, work area, and two bedrooms. Going upstairs reveals three more bedrooms and a charming balcony.

The living room exudes timeless, old-world charm, where carefully restored antique furniture finds its place. The walls act as a gallery of framed photos, complementing the elegant ambiance.

The living and dining areas are seamlessly connected via a dry courtyard and connecting corridor. Walking up the stairs, a beautiful bay window awaits, with a hidden storage area underneath. Additionally, a sliding door on the side provides versatility, turning the space into a cozy extra room to accommodate additional guests.

The bedrooms are decorated with restored and finely polished antique furniture, giving the impression that the house has retained its original character and may not appear restored at first glance.

Project facts:
Location: Thrissur
Plot: 9 cents
Area: 3100 square feet
Owners: Dr. Ananda Keshavan, Dr. Sujatha
Design: 7th Hue Architecture Studio

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