This Mavelikkara house offers luxury at its best | Lifestyle decor

This Mavelikkara house offers luxury at its best |  Lifestyle decor

“The essence is within” seems to be the basic motto of this house in Mavelikara. The aesthetically designed house is located on an eight-cent plot of land that is slightly lower in width. To make optimal use of space, the building was given a box-shaped height. A terracotta ‘jali wall’ (which looks like a woven mesh) and a barbecue gazebo connect the outside view.

The 3,350-square-foot home has three levels. The ground floor includes the balcony, sitting, living, dining, kitchen and work areas. There is also a bedroom and a bathroom. The first floor has three bedrooms and a living balcony. The second floor includes a home theater and party space.

The interior is well appointed and aesthetics are its high point. The interiors feature natural light and wood is used in the interior furnishings. The doors are made of steel and the windows are made of UPVC.

Running the length of the living room is a side courtyard with UPVC windows. In the living room, the TV unit, cushioned furniture and wall decorations are neatly organized. The dining and kitchen areas are semi-open and there are transparent partitions that can be retracted if privacy is required.

The stairs are made of teak wood and sensor lights are available. There is a built-in and transparent elevator that can carry two people at the same time. Architects and builders say such elevators will soon be a feature of our homes.

The open-plan kitchen features a combination of green and white and features a breakfast table in the center. There is ample storage space inside and there is also a former working kitchen.

The problem that almost all families face is waste disposal. There is an incinerator here to burn waste, which makes waste management problems minimal. To learn more about this house, watch the video:

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