This interior designer supports brands

This interior designer supports brands

Putting design at the service of business

In addition to interior design, Valérie Houdelot works for several brands within My Uniq Studio. “I have clients in both textiles and food, and I have worked for Lafayette Gourmet, Jeff de Bruges, Comptoir de Mathilde and Ladurée. My job is to visualize the customer journey. For a store, its window is a lever to bring the customer in. It takes an average of eleven Seconds to catch the window, fall in love with it and walk in. But once he gets into the store, you have to give him a landing pad when he starts looking around. We have to deliver the right messages and promote the right products. When I was at Galeries Lafayette, I conducted video studies on customer behavior. 97% They passed without looking at the most prominent entry points. If it is too close to the entrance, they will not stop for fear that another customer will crowd them. Everything is important, including communication at the point of sale. You have to know how to prioritize messages and that is my job too. I put Design in the service of business. »

In-store diagnostics

“I support my clients in identifying dissonance in their selling spaces. One day, I diagnosed the Morgan store at the end of the Champs-Élysées; in just ten minutes, I saw that two product managers were not working together, creating product dissonance and declining numbers.” Sales. A customer who comes into a store looking for a particular product and finds it quickly has time to look at something else and buy. The customer experience is essential, and the customer doesn’t have to put in the effort to understand the brand. Many brands don’t know how to translate this in the store We must also go beyond certain beliefs such as: The customer buys cheap. Not necessarily. When I make a diagnosis, I arrive with the freshness of the new customer, delve into my intuition and then say: This is what I understood, and the sales figures support my words. I identify the nodes, the obstacles and also the nuggets of the brand. We must fight the mediocrity of brands that think they are not interesting enough. Obviously, I put luxury aside! »

Design serves presentation

“We do the furniture and the marketing. For a brand that has 100 or 200 stores, it allows them to understand the interests of the product better if every store puts it in the same place. We can also review the packaging and the logo. It’s a bit like organizing your wardrobe, where You see what you keep, what you need to repurchase, and develop what is innovative… Then I train the employees, explaining to them the motivating factors for selling or frequently asking, the barriers that lead to avoiding the product. There is no point in leaving just one piece of chocolate in the kiosk, the customer He will only buy two or three!” says Valérie Houdelot. The designer also monitors the Internet a lot and these stores that offer their products such as the online store. “The stores will see a revival and the creation of new experiences,” the designer promised.

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