This city in the Cotentin mobilizes its residents to revitalize its city

This city in the Cotentin mobilizes its residents to revitalize its city

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M Wednesday, October 25, 2023About thirty people participated Urban outing In the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise (Manche), as part of an ongoing “revitalization” project.

a Stady In fact, a questionnaire addressed to all residents of the new city was launched at the Town Hall and in the Media Library as well as on the Town Hall website and its Facebook page – in order to collect the opinions of residents.

The walk was led by partners of the LUP Design Bureau, responsible for the project Activation From the city centers of Sainte-Mère-Église and Picauville.

The partners – Grégoire Paillard (urban lawyer), Florian Carrot (urban architect), Vanina Ramalingom (architect) and Anaïs Nicole (architect) – are urban planners with complementary specializations. They have already worked on similar projects in central France.

Residents were asked to submit their ideas

The march started from the City Hall, passed through Cap du Line, Verdun Street, and Schools Street, to the Church Square, then returned to the City Hall for a short walk. Exchange time. It was an opportunity for the LUP team to listen to and discuss with residents Challenges And the Solution Revival of Sainte-Mère-Église.

We realized that there is a conflict between the needs of locals and the needs of tourists. But you still have the opportunity to live in a tourist area.

Gregoire Billard Urban lawyer

The meeting was an opportunity to talk Parking problemsfrom protection Subordinate pedestrians And the Bicycles In the center of town, and the fact that the town is “dead in the evening” given Business closures. “Shops are only open during Tourist season », Sorry. Another added: “Nothing for kids.”

Mayor Alan Holley hopes the study will provide insights for herfuture From the community.

When you run a municipality, you have to see the present moment, but also the future. When you do the work, you really have to think and look at the long term. We have ideas, but we also listen to residents’ ideas. Personally, I would like to have more green spaces and more trees.

Alan HollyMayor of Saint-Mer-Eglise

The LUP colleagues explained that the activation study consists of three stages. “We are in the first stage – diagnosis – then we will imagine intervention scenarios, and in the end, we will try to concretely and precisely define the actions to be taken.”

the results The study will be published in Spring 2024.

From our correspondent Madeline Hale

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