The world’s most unique airports in terms of design

The world’s most unique airports in terms of design

While the vast majority of airports are built with aesthetics and design at the back of the list of priorities, some airports around the world are unique in design. This is actually done by choice of those who built them, as more distinguished airports can sometimes attract more attention from the media, thus increasing traffic to said airports.

Today, we’ll take a look at the five most uniquely designed airports around the world.

5. Denver International Airport (DEN). Denver, CO, USA

While the layout of the DEN terminal is very similar to a large number of other airports, the main lobby for check-in, security checkpoints, baggage claim, and other services is anything but typical. The airport’s Jeppesen lounge is designed to mimic the Rocky Mountains, with tent-style canvas tops on the roof.

The plant is also used to protect the environment, as solar energy is continuously generated on the roof. Travelers arriving at the airport will no doubt see this majestic terminal, and it is very difficult to miss due to its dramatic appearance.

Photo: Arkin C | Aero Explorer

4. Marrakech Airport (RAK). Marrakech, Morocco

Travelers arriving or departing here will notice a unique design never seen anywhere else. A partnership between E2A Casablanca and the French architectural firm, the main station innovatively incorporates design elements from Arab culture, such as the rhombic cutouts in the overhanging ceiling that cast fantastical shadows on the main station floor. Large triangular windows decorated with Arabic designs also provide a welcome taste of Moroccan culture.

Photography: Dhawan Kim Aero Explorer

3. Montevideo Airport (MVD). Montevideo, Uruguay

The design of Montevideo Airport leaves many passengers amazed and impressed. Designed to look like a huge ball embedded in the ground, the airport’s roof is curved, and the white color adds character to the gray concrete areas below near the check-in station. The airport also features flexible, curved interior designs made of porcelain.

Photo: Mark S. | Aero Explorer

2. Beijing Daxing Airport (PKX), Beijing, China

Beijing’s second airport after the capital’s airport, PKX, opened in 2019, before the pandemic brought air travel to a global standstill. The airport’s pinwheel design, where six “tentacles” emerge from the station, has not yet been adopted anywhere else. It also stands out from above with a gold-colored roof that is difficult to miss.

Photo: Christopher Arboleda | Aero Explorer

1. Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). Singapore

Changi Airport is one of the most popular airports for its unique design inside and out. The airport has many facilities and activities that are not familiar to travelers in the terminals. However, it also houses Al Jawhara, a huge high-rise building with a waterfall in the middle, green spaces, and a shopping mall on its outskirts.

Photo: Peter Lam | Aero Explorer

Boredom is definitely not a problem there! The rest of the airport is competently designed, although the design of the rest of the airport pales in comparison to the gem. The airport has also received awards for its innovative technology and amenities.

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