The weather vane must be changed at Mont Doll’s mill: an upset association

The weather vane must be changed at Mont Doll’s mill: an upset association

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12,000 visitors Visited Mont Doul Mill (Ille-et-Vilaine) this year.

Satisfactory attendance to Coros bags Who they were originally Two parties On the topic of the mill, which was successful every time in the presence of a large audience.

The Bâtiments de France wants to change the weather vane

Michel DomerThe association president noted that everything would be fine if the problems related to the operation of the mill could be resolved within a satisfactory period of time.

In fact, after the mill rudder was broken in September 2022The wings of the building can no longer be oriented relative to the wind, preventing them from moving.

Alternative bids were submitted and one of them was accepted by the municipality for investment 30,000 euros.

“We thought we could do the work quickly, but it failed,” he laments. Michel Domer By recalling the administrative procedures associated with the fact that Mont Dole Mill “is included in the Supplementary List of Historic Buildings.

The windmill's wind vane represents a huge deer, a prehistoric animal from Mont d'Olois.
The windmill’s wind vane represents a huge deer, a prehistoric animal from Mont d’Olois. ©(M.Daumer)

“Is this really necessary? »

As such, he had just experienced a visitation“Building engineer in France.”which recommends reworking the construction to resolve some cracks that “do not appear to immediately compromise the building.”

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On the other hand, a building engineer in France expressed his absolute desire to replace the mill’s wind vane. About ten years ago, Michel Daumer took charge of manufacturing this piece, to replace the previous one that was in very poor condition.

“It was manufactured from aluminum to avoid the risk of oxidation that destroyed the previous vane, yet the new weather vane is appreciated by all,” he explains. Except by a building engineer in France, because it is made of aluminum and not copper.

Replacing it will likely cost a large sum, in addition to other work. Is this really necessary? » The question was asked by Les Courous d’Pouchées, concerned with public finance.

“Should we continue our volunteer work?”

They are also a little annoyed: “The Mont-Dol Mill is superbly maintained by our association which devotes a lot of time to it. But, should we continue our volunteer work which also leads us to show the mill to school children and tourists all year round?”

The association hopes that, as long as public authorities show greater tolerance, only to allow it “to continue to highlight the rich heritage of the mill which will only be significant if we can revive it.”

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