Construction work has been completed on the first phase of the Al-Radam development project, which adds eight homes for sale and four duplexes at the corner of 29th and R Streets. (Images provided by Daniel Kleiman)

After adding dozens of baker’s apartments around the block, Daniel Kleiman is filling in another corner of Church Hill North with a development that is set to add 16 more homes.

The prolific developer has collaborated with area builder Brian Traylor on a project located on the corner of 29th and R Streets to replace the former medical office building with eight townhouses for sale and four duplexes containing eight units for rent.

Traylor’s Unlimited Renovations is handling the construction, and Kleiman said Traylor is a partner with him on the homes for sale, which they are developing under a separate LLC and plan to price in the mid-$400,000. The rental units, which are developed under Kleyman’s Evolve Hld LLC, are pre-tenanted at rents of $1,900 per month or thereabouts.

Construction work began earlier this year on the first phase of the project, which consists of duplexes and four townhouses. The other four homes will form a second phase that is set to start this fall.

Clement 2

The middle two duplex buildings will have back decks and will be flanked by townhouses, the tallest of which will have terraces on the upper floor.

The approximately half-acre site is across the block from Kleyman’s previous development: a mixed-use development at 30th and Q Streets that includes 13 apartments and commercial space that includes the Soul N’ Vinegar restaurant.

During this project, Kleiman said, he saw that the one-story office building at 1127 North 29th Street was for sale.

6.23R Clement Daniel Clement

Daniel Kleiman

“It was vacant, on a large plot of land, and it made perfect sense to redevelop it into something more useful,” Kleiman said. “We’ve gone from a vacant office building to what will now be home to 16 different families. Much better use of the land, more housing, more tax revenue for the city and more people in the neighborhood.”

Kleiman said he bought the property in January 2022 for $620,000. The property has since been divided into 12 lots, and online property records do not reflect the transaction or the seller. Long & Foster Real Estate has the property listed with an asking price of just under $800,000.

The city valued the six lots facing 29th Street at $68,000 each and the six facing R Street at $59,000 each, bringing the city’s total valuation of the site to $762,000.

Six of the townhouses will face R Street and rise three stories, while the other two townhouses and four duplexes will be oriented towards the 29th floor and rise two stories. The L-shaped layout will have 14 parking spaces on site behind the buildings.

Clement 3

The L-shaped configuration of the buildings will have 14 parking spaces on site.

The homes range in size from about 1,700 to 1,800 square feet. Each will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and the three-story units facing R Street will have upstairs terraces. The 1,100-square-foot duplexes will have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with full-width front porches, two-story back decks and facades designed to look like single-family townhouses.

Jarrow Quill Traylor Church Hill cropped

Matt Garrow, Nancy Coyle, and Brian Traylor, left. (business file)

Construction work in the first phase is scheduled to be completed next month, and work will begin on the rest of the houses after that. The homes for sale are listed by Hometown Realty agents Matt Garrow and Nancy Quayle.

Todd Dickshorn of ADO designed the homes, while Tracy Winkelman of Kine Vue Consulting was the civil engineer on the project. Mark Baker of Baker Development Resources handled Kleiman’s application for a special use permit, which was approved by the city council last year.

Kleiman will not be involved in the total cost of the project, which is being double funded. Old Dominion National Bank is financing the homes, and Touchstone Bank is funding the duplexes, Kleiman said.

When the SUP plan for the project gained council approval, it also attracted about two dozen letters of support from area residents and landlords. Kleiman attributed the response to what he called an “extreme need” for more housing and options in the neighborhood.

“Here we are able to create multiple entry points for people into the neighborhood: products that are rented and that are for sale,” he said. “And we hope that people are now aware of the quality of everything we build. It’s usually adding to the area in terms of design and craftsmanship. We’re also very hands-on property managers. Everything is managed in-house.”

The project adds to Clement’s huge workload in and around Church Hill. Evolve Development is developing nine townhouses on a portion of the Bowler Retirement Community property at 26th and M Streets. Clement also plans to build more than 100 apartments and three mixed-use buildings at Government Road and Glenwood Avenue, below Chimborazo Park.

Up along Glenwood, Clement plans to develop the 5-acre plot he bought two years ago. His completed projects in the area include the mixed-use triangular building he developed with Jarrow along Jefferson Avenue at 25th Street.

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