The popular Austin Smash burger finds a new flagship restaurant on East 6th Street

The popular Austin Smash burger finds a new flagship restaurant on East 6th Street

Now that Fort Worth is one of the top 50 travel destinations in 2024, according to

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It might be time to get a few hotels on Austinites’ radars. Even if the stay is out of your budget (you can’t beat a cheap hotel if you don’t spend a lot of time in the room), a luxury hotel can serve as a great anchor point during your visit.

A long-awaited hotel has made its Fort Worth debut: Bowie House, part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, is now open at 3700 Camp Bowie Blvd., with a bistro-style restaurant and hundreds of pieces of art.

The property is owned by Jo Ellard, who raises horses and cattle, and is managed by Auberge Resorts Collection, which is part of the Friedkin Group, a private consortium of automotive, hospitality, entertainment, sports and adventure companies.

Bowie House, Auberge Resorts Collection is the second property in Texas, joining the Commodore Perry Estate, Auberge Resorts Collection in Austin. There’s also a chart for Dallas.


The featured restaurant is Bricks and Horses, is that really the name? – A contemporary Texas-style restaurant specializing in local dry-aged beef. Executive Chef is Antonio Vota, a Las Vegas native who says the menu will offer an upscale twist on popular Americana classics like Wild Boar Ribs, Lobster Thermidor, and Big Eye Tuna Crudo with Blood Orange Citronette.

There is also:

  • Garden, outdoor space

  • The Pallet Room, a “convivial social club”

  • The Mulberry Room, an intimate library bar

  • The Bar, a bar serving cocktails, whiskey and snacks throughout the day, a double-sided fireplace and a meticulously restored saloon bar

In the spring of 2024, there are also plans to open a Whinny’s restaurant — seriously, is that the name? – Poolside restaurant serving a Middle Eastern-inspired Texas BBQ menu featuring snacks, salads, ice cream sandwiches and frozen drinks.

Photo courtesy of Bowie House


The Bowie House features 88 studios, 12 lofts and 6 suites, many with outdoor balconies, and Western-style décor including hat racks, shoe benches, customizable shoe shine, white oak floors, woven rugs and striped and striped wall coverings. Headboards are upholstered in woven leather with stitched belt straps, and curved bar cabinets with sliding doors reveal aubergine-painted interiors. The signature accommodation is the three-room Goodnight Suite, which comes with its own dining room for eight people, and fantastic views of the Cultural District.

Photo courtesy of Bowie House


Architecture and interiors firm Boca Powell combined modern and Western themes, with brick, cast stone and glass across more than 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, and more than 400 pieces by artists such as Ashley Collins, Max Zorn, Don Drum David Yarrow and photographer Constance Jaeggi.

“People ask me all the time about the Bowie House style, but like the art collection, it’s not one style, it’s an expression of different elements that come together to create something really unique,” ​​says Joe Ellard. “Sophisticated, comfortable, and reflecting a distinctly Texas vibe in a completely authentic way, the Bowie House welcomes everyone who enters not as a hotel, but as a cool, unique Western house – that was the goal.”


An in-house spa called Ash — argh, is that really the name? Those people need help with the branding – it has five treatment rooms, a sauna and steam room, a fitness centre, a nail studio, a boutique and a relaxation lounge, with private access to a second-floor terrace. Treatments include aqua dancing, synergistic skin treatments, infrared therapy, deep sleepless massage, a pharmacy, visiting health professionals and fitness trainers such as Manjit Devjun, a mindfulness coach, who will be on site from December 1 to 5.


French-American designer Nick Fouquet Shop will be on site through mid-February with a custom hat collection inspired by the Bowie House, while also offering custom fittings and finishes.

  • December 12: Conversations in the Library is a monthly speaker series beginning December 12 in which Steve Wrubel shares the stories behind the designs of Ride & Ridden’s limited edition wine labels to your taste.

  • December 5: Country music writer Heather Morgan reveals the meaning behind her lyrics at The Mulberry Room’s first songwriter sessions.

  • December 7: The Billet Room will welcome Frankie Leoni and Jake Balisic, for their first regular Bowie House Records show on Thursday.

Seven spaces for hire include the Laney’s Room, the Silverton Room, the Lofty Arcade or The Billet Room.

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