The owners of Glen Allen’s “Cactus House” are auctioning off its contents

The owners of Glen Allen’s “Cactus House” are auctioning off its contents

The contents of the home known as the “Cactus House” in Glen Allen are now up for auction through November 9.

Portions of the vast collection of Southwestern-themed items and memorabilia from Saguaro Hill, an eye-catching home located on Staples Mill Road in Glen Allen, are being auctioned off by Grindstaff’s Auction Marketing Group.

“This house has been an icon of Richmond since the late 1970s,” said Anne Grindstaff, owner of Grindstaff Auction Marketing Group, the auction company hosting the auction on its website. “That’s what makes it special, the type of merchandise that’s out there.”

Some of the treasured items available are the bronze statues of Frederick Remington located throughout the house and the covered wagon located at the front of the property, Grindstaff said.

“It’s a collection of works that the Pemberton family has accumulated over a lifetime,” Grindstaff said. “It’s a mixture of things that people might try to find just to remember the Cactus House, and that’s where we get a lot of interest, people want a piece of history.”

Scattered throughout the house are wall decor, wooden statues, a working jukebox, antique leather chairs, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, glassware, turquoise jewelry, Native American memorabilia, lamps and memorabilia reminiscent of the Southwest, all up for auction at Grindstaff Auction Marketing. Group website.

Parts of the exterior decor are also available, including boulders and boulders that adorn the six acres on which the house sits.

The home’s current owners, JT “Buzz” and Chloe Pemberton, began building the house in 1977 and have lived in the house from 1979 on. The house was inspired by Buzz Pemberton’s time stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Corps in California, according to a Richmond Magazine article.

“They love the Southwest, and that type of decor and landscaping was replicated here in Richmond and has been here ever since,” Grindstaff said. “You won’t see anything like this built.”

Online bidding will close at 7pm on Thursday 9th November. Item pickup time will be Saturday, November 11 from 10am-4pm at 10816 Staples Mill Road in Glen Allen.

For details about the auction, visit the Grindstaff Auction Marketing Group website.

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