The NBA created custom arena designs for all 30 teams for the new season, and surprisingly, it’s not a complete disaster

The NBA created custom arena designs for all 30 teams for the new season, and surprisingly, it’s not a complete disaster

David Dow. Getty Images.

When Adam Silver and the NBA announced the new in-season tournament, it was met with mixed reactions. People tend to hate anything new and anything that brings change, so that wasn’t a huge surprise. We’ve seen the same kind of reaction to Play In Tournament, and so far this thing has been pretty great.

When it comes to the seasonal tournament, it will probably take a while for people/teams/players to really care about it, but we have no idea if it will be a success or not at this point. One thing we do know is that the NBA has released custom stadium designs for all 30 teams, and some of them actually look great

You can go ahead and click on that tweet to see the thread of all 30 tweets, because I’m pretty sure including 30 tweets in a row would crash this site, but here are some of my favorites. It looks like the league is using the look/feel of the new City Edition shirts to some, so let’s take a look


Maybe I’m just a simple person, but I love the red and gold on this court. Flipped over, I also love the Cavs team’s brown design with a pop of red

It pains me to say it, but I’m nothing if not fair. The Lakers look very clean

As do the Timberwolves and Jazz

However, not all courts are created equal. Some don’t look right to my eyes/brain

Is this for heroes or warriors?

Is this as raw as the Bucks defense looked last night when it got its ass kicked by the Ameret Hawks?

I get it, Mardis Gras and what not, but I don’t like this narrative very much

To me, the Knicks would look much better if they discovered their own New York logo. Why do I need 3D glasses to read this? I feel like if you stuck the regular giant Knicks logo in here it would have been much better.

Now the big question here is whether this new design of the court might mean a bigger, more significant change on the horizon as well. Have you noticed how all of these stadiums have the giant cup in the middle? Could this mean the league will finally return to the best NBA Finals stadium design ever?

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Please, please bring the massive Larry O’Brien Trophy back to Center Court for the Finals. I have to believe that if the league is doing it for the In Season Championship, the next step is naturally going back to doing it for the actual tournament that people are interested in now. The Silvers have already made waves with their return to the old-school ways of East versus West in the All-Star Game, so why not take it a step further and redesign this stadium? I don’t need full-colour courts for the NBA Finals, but I do need the giant trophy to get back into the middle. I feel like this is a no-brainer that anyone can get behind.

Listen, it’s going to take some time for people and fans to get used to the change. Ultimately, I don’t think people care as much about what the field looks like compared to the product it’s played on, so we’ll have to see how teams approach this tournament. If the stars are playing and everyone takes it seriously, it can be fun. I give the NBA credit for at least trying something new in terms of concept/court designs, but they still have a long way to go until this idea reaches the levels we see in soccer, which is of course Adam Silvey’s goal.

I’m not kidding about the finals stadium though. Bring that shit back.

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