The good things about women-owned businesses | News

The good things about women-owned businesses |  News

Have a last-minute wedding, anniversary or birthday? Need a little treat after a long week? Local, women-owned shops like The Olive Tree and Carli and Company have you covered! Filled with all the “goodies” your heart could desire, you can shop for the upcoming holiday season and know that your hard-earned dollar will go back into the community you live in, plus support a few local women who do it all!

Marie-Claire Cumba, owner of The Olive Tree, has organized the space in her store, located off University Road right next to Commodore Pub, into a paradise for all things feminine and fun. From champagne flutes and wine glasses in every shade of the rainbow, to the perfect sunglasses, to custom jewelry and more, the store’s classic, elegant appeal attracts customers from all over the world.

In addition to the small items offered by The Olive Tree, they also feature a large selection of home furnishings and decor, such as rugs, benches, vases, and coffee table books, all personally curated by Kumba and her own interior design company herself. You’ll always leave the store feeling more amazing than when you walked in, don’t be afraid! Because the store is designed to reflect the bright, elegant styles of Kumba’s famous designs, you’ll never have to guess whether or not what you’re buying is the most modern style. Everything in the store is hand-selected so a customer can walk in and know they don’t have to think too much to find the perfect thing. Everything is ready to move.

Another store owned by an adorable mother-daughter duo is CarliCo. Featuring cool, on-trend brands, the store has become a must-visit local store for anyone visiting for the weekend or needing the perfect game day look. From faux leather to the perfect clear crossbody bag, to the most stunning pair of heels to recruit for your sorority, you won’t leave the store empty-handed. Do you need a beautiful piece of lasting jewelry for a date with that special someone in your life? CarliCo can help you with that as one of the few retailers in Starkville to offer this experience.

While you can browse their social media (carlicobtq and theolivetreestarkville) and shop through their online stores, visiting their brick-and-mortar storefront and meeting the amazing women behind it all makes the experience that much more fun and sweet.

Although women-owned businesses make up a large portion of the stores we frequent, there is still a gap to fill when it comes to where we shop for our everyday goods and gifts. Supporting locally owned, women-owned businesses in your community helps keep your dollars local and gives more women the opportunity to open the store of their dreams, too. Not to mention, according to our local ladies, it’s always a pleasure to see your friends and neighbors out and about. It all starts with going out and checking out the beautiful local shops down the street which will ultimately make a huge difference in your shopping experience.

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