The expansion of Monaco’s territory to the sea will be completed next year

The expansion of Monaco’s territory to the sea will be completed next year

In 2024, Monaco’s territory will expand. It does not take up space on land, but rather on the sea. A project launched in 2015 aims to build six hectares of land on the sea. The work will be completed within a year.

For once, work will end early!

Within a year, Monaco will have six more hectares than before. The huge marine expansion project called Maritera will be delivered within a year, eight months ago!

Agence France-Presse reported that it was Anse de Portiers, the promoter of this 2 billion euro project, that shared this information on Monday, November 20.

Six hectares may not seem like much, but if we compare it to 2 km2 For the emirate, this represents an increase of 3% of the territory!

If we add 3% of France’s territory to the sea, this is equivalent to building an area twice the size of Corsica.

Monaco has already gained 40 hectares of seafront since the 1950s, but this project launched in 2015 to add 6 hectares is still unparalleled, even in the Middle East, due to seismic and environmental constraints as well as its depth. .

The future area to be reclaimed from the sea will be located next to the Grimaldi Forum. It will be built on an underwater bridge 50 meters deep.

Maritera will include 5 buildings – with a total of 130 residential units – and ten villas, in a complex entrusted to the Italian architect Renzo Piano and the firm Vallode et Pistre. Renzo Piano is best known as the architect of the Pompidou Center in Paris, the New York Times headquarters in New York and the Genoa-Saint-George Bridge, the motorway structure that replaces the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, which collapsed in 2018.

The housing stock has been well developed and almost all of it is sold out. If the prices
While maintaining confidentiality, the price per square meter can reach 120 thousand euros in Monaco.

The exterior will be very green, with a seaside promenade, a small harbor and a park accessible to the public.

“The sea is a new territory to conquer, but we must not harm it.” Guy Thomas Levy-Soussan, managing director of Anse du Portier, which brings together private investors and Monaco families, made the announcement in a press release. He hopes the project can prove this “It’s possible” And he will advance “Reflections and good practices in this field.” “Maritera is a real achievement for Monaco” he added.

The site is located between two underwater nature reserves.

It made it possible to recreate the habitats of animals and plants on the structure and on artificial reefs.

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