The Burbank Media District zoning update will allow 4,600 homes

The Burbank Media District zoning update will allow 4,600 homes

New land use regulations could bring thousands of homes and new commercial development to the Burbank Media District.

Burbank planning officials are currently conducting a specific plan update for the media district, the first overhaul to the plan Zoning rules that went into effect in the early 1990s. The planned total area of ​​544 acres is located in the southwest corner of Burbank, bounded by the Magnolia Park neighborhood to the north, South Keystone Boulevard to the east, the Los Angeles River to the south, and Toluca Lake to the west.

While the 212 acres of the identified plan area have been developed with multimedia studios and are therefore unlikely to lead to new housing development, there are a number of underutilized properties within its boundaries that the city has identified as sites of opportunity for either construction or adaptive reuse. These include locations along Alameda Avenue between Keystone Boulevard and Hollywood Way, the area between California Avenue and Bob Hope Drive along Interstate 134, and the triangle between Lima Street, Alameda and Olive Avenues. It is expected that density will be concentrated towards the center of the media district, targeting locations such as surface parking lots, rather than the adjacent areas R1 and R2.

Opportunity locations for housing in a specific planCity of Burbank

As described in the setup notice, the specific plan update will allow 125 percent of the permitted planned area density within sites where residential uses are permitted – including opportunity sites, which will also be allowed up to 100 percent of the density of non-residential development. Parcels that are not zoned for Opportunity Sites will see their nonresidential development density limited to 33 percent of what is currently allowed under the Burbank General Plan, a change that will likely shift attention to Opportunity Sites.

The specific plan will also update building standards and street design, while introducing a development rights transfer programme. Implementation of the new rules is expected to allow the construction of up to 4,627 new residential units and approximately 2.5 million square feet of commercial uses.

Even before the new zoning regulations go into effect, Burbank’s Media District has already seen several new housing proposals — including mixed-use buildings in the works in 4100 Riverside Drive And 3201 Olive Street. As the neighborhood’s name suggests, the production parks that make up much of its land area have also seen new investment, including a pair of… Office buildings designed by Frank Gehry for Warner Bros. And the next Warner Bros. Ranch Renovation.

In addition to the Media District, Burbank also moved to rezone downtown and neighborhoods adjacent to the airport in an effort to bring new housing to the city.

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