Starfield It features a very complex system for building the spaceship of your dreams. You can control every aspect of your ship, from its weapons to its color. It can sometimes be difficult to have so many options, but some players have taken it seriously and created some amazing vehicles.

This guide will inspire you by showcasing some of the best spaceship designs he has created Starfield Community.

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Imperial Star Destroyer

As expected, many Starfield Gamers have been fans of sci-fi for ages, so they have drawn inspiration from many other sci-fi franchises, resulting in many star Wars Ships find their way into the game.

One of the most impressive star Wars The ships shown to players are the Imperial Star Destroyer. To make this massive ship, Reddit user /u/Jackygold had to rely on three different modifications. The result is worth it, and you can make one too using the helpful PDF guide they’ve prepared.

Magic School Bus in Starfield.
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Magic school bus

Not all creativity is geared towards being the fastest or strongest. Others are simply there for a laugh or to induce nostalgia. Such is the case with /u/SP7R who created the Magic School Bus spaceship.

This will certainly appeal to anyone who grew up watching the popular educational show. You can make it yourself by following the steps shown in the video above.

Custom spaceship in Starfield.
Image via Reddit.

Slick space cruiser

Not all ships were inspired by existing franchises. Some players have been able to create unique designs that are worth trying to replicate.

You can find an example from /u/Ollie_PC who created a black and yellow beetle-shaped spaceship. The Reddit user also showed off its impressive interior Starfield A spaceship that includes a research station as well as a spacious cockpit.

The Dauntless Star spaceship in Starfield.
Image via Reddit.

Brave star

Another original design comes from a Reddit user who was trying to create a spaceship with shielded weapons while maintaining a nice profile. The result is Brave Star, a sight to behold. It has three decks, giving the largest crew members plenty of room to spread out.

You can also build this ship by following the steps shown in the build video uploaded by a Reddit user. Be warned that completing this huge project will cost you a lot of credits.

The Black Pearl spaceship in Starfield.
Image via YouTube.

black Pearl

In Starfield, you can decide how your story will unfold. Many players will want to team up with the good guys and explore the universe. Others will want money and power. For the last group, it is necessary to become a space pirate and join the Crimson fleet.

If you want to embrace the dark side, you’ll need the right ship. Try @snaKemuho’s design Which looks like a pirate ship sailing in the Black Sea. They have also provided a video to help you create your own.

These are just some of the amazing designs that have found their way onto the internet. You can find out more by visiting /r/starfieldships or exploring Starfield Communities on Twitter.

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