“The architect must make the technical part of the project invisible” (A. Acciardo)

“The architect must make the technical part of the project invisible” (A. Acciardo)

Housing, public facilities, educational, cultural, higher education, rehabilitation or development, LA Architectures loves to imagine a wide range of designs. Created in 2009 by Axel Acciardo and Linda Gilardoni, the structure has around twenty employees, and has won numerous accolades, including, in 2017, a Young Women Architects Award for all of the agency’s work. The co-founders, graduates of Ensa Paris-Val de Seine, were 30 years old when they decided to create their company, after one had started their careers in Paris and abroad for the other.

By focusing on housing issues, they respond to the orders of social landlords. Their activity then opens up to other types of markets, always with the aim of implementing bioclimate designs: using materials from bio- or low-carbon sources, using traditional building techniques, and practicing resource economy. Axelle Acchiardo tells us more about the history of LA Architectures.

Patyaktu: Why did you start specializing in housing?

Axel Acciardo: It has been a strategic location for the development of our company. We started it very early, without a family or professional network. Volumetrically, the housing arrangement is more important than the equipment. Ultimately, however, we wanted the agency to diversify the programmatic themes it designs. What concerns us are the commitments of project owners, the quality of applications, and the environmental and social conditions of the latter. We made a quick decision to position ourselves on behalf of entrepreneurs involved in environmental issues. These are essential things for us. It is not just a matter of reducing one’s carbon footprint, but also a matter of thinking about the quality of life, use, and architecture of the city. In this sense, the environmental issue is global, and it must be said that it is good to share the same values ​​with the people with whom we cooperate.

Do you also want to advance the cause of resource protection?

This international injunction is certainly important within our company. We respond to this, in particular, with wooden construction. Environmental design and construction is not just about being virtuous. It must meet the spatial quality and use. Our function allows us to think about the social, comfortable and spatial aspect of the project. Space, in architecture, is the real guide. This includes designing an additional window in the living room or outdoor space. The term “well-being” is also increasingly present in programmatic proposals. This is the idea we have always strived for at LA Architectures. I look at us, with Linda Gaillardon, as intuitive architects.

Dukes College
Collège des Docks, in Saint-Ouen, in the Paris region. © Super View

What do you mean ?

We often think in terms of our spatial and social experiences. We both do not have, in our personal lives, the same needs and desires but through discussions we try to respond to the aspirations

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