The architect Bernard Pécaud, behind the Renoir High School and the Beaublanc swimming pool in Limoges, has died.

The architect Bernard Pécaud, behind the Renoir High School and the Beaublanc swimming pool in Limoges, has died.

Bernard Pécaud, an architect known in Limoges for his work on creating symbolic sites, died on October 30. His funeral was held on Saturday, November 4, at Banazul Church.

Born in Limoges in 1928, Bernard Pécaud adopted the profession of his father André and worked for him for a while. While concrete is used in modern construction, it is also used in many housing, equipment and public buildings. Among them are the Beaublanc swimming pool, the Public Finance Center of Limoges and the Renoir High School.

Having strong ties with the limousine company, this architect wanted to reconcile tradition and innovation. He was a student of Madelain, Lemaresquier, Jouvensel, and Audoul.

He graduated on November 10, 1953, after studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, like his father André, Bernard met people who marked his career (President of the Republic Vincent Oriol, Lydia Bugatti, artists Césaire, Fontanarosa, Lagrange, Mick Michel).

Its activity has benefited from the economic boom experienced in the Trente Glorieuses area, where buildings have been constructed in the areas of sports, the post office and education, without forgetting social housing. He also worked with his father for individuals. Bernard Pécaud’s achievements were crowned with success very early, as in 1953, with the award of the best diploma of the Society of Architects graduated by the government. Moreover, he collaborated closely with his wife Maite (sculptor, painter, potter), especially within the framework of the “1% Decoration” (wall pieces, sculptures, frescoes, ceramics, stained glass).

Bernard Pécaud headed the Salon of Limousine Artists in Limoges for many years. He himself was the author of paintings on the themes of Cruzan, Venice and Ile de Ré. He was involved in the associational sector (Club des Deux, Anysetiers, mutual aid societies and charities), and was also a rugby referee and a sailor.

All his life he was passionate about Ettore Bugatti, the famous car manufacturer, to whom he dedicated three works.

With insatiable curiosity, he knew how to transmit to his wife Maite and three children his sense of humor, sometimes described as Dada.

Writing the The popularity of the center He extends his sincere condolences to his family.

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