The 2023 Medici Prize is awarded to Kevin Lambert for his novel “May Our Joy Continue”

The 2023 Medici Prize is awarded to Kevin Lambert for his novel “May Our Joy Continue”

Kevin Lambert won the Medici Award on November 9. Quebecers were rewarded with Let Our Joy Remain (Editions du Nouvelle Attila), a fictional story about the downfall of an architect accused of expelling the poor from Montreal. Laure Murad won the essay award, and South Korean Han Kang and Portuguese Lydia George shared the foreign novel award.

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Kevin Lambert, author of “Le Nouvel Attila.”  (Magali Cohen/Hans Lukas/AFP)

The Medici Prize was awarded on Thursday, November 9, to Canadian Kevin Lambert for his work Our joy remains, once again dedicating this rising star in Quebec literature. The 31-year-old author had already won the December Prize at the end of October, another prestigious literary award in the fall, with this story about the downfall of an architect suddenly accused of hounding poor people from Montreal. Kevin Lambert won the second round with six votes compared to four for Moroccan Salma Moumni Goodbye Tangier.

In the secrets of the powerful

Through his immersive writing, Kevin Lambert takes the reader into the ruling class’s well-kept secrets. In this third novel, he presents an enlightening picture of the powerful of this world, through the image of his heroine, Celine, and her loved ones. The novel was published in August by Editions du Nouvel Attila, a year after its Canadian edition by Héliotrope.

But in September, its publisher sparked controversy when it revealed that the author had used the services of a Haitian-Canadian proofreader to verify the authenticity of a character of Haitian descent. If the “sensitive reader” intervention is common in North America, it is less common in France. Kevin Lambert hasn’t said much on the subject. His editor quoted his words, according to which the proofreader, Chloé Savoy-Bernard, “I made sure I didn’t say a lot of nonsense, and that I didn’t fall into certain traps of representing black people.”.

Foreign Novel Award and Essay Award

Two authors compete for the Medici Prize for Foreign Fiction. Portuguese Lydia Jorge Misery (Métailié) and South Korean Han Kang L The impossible goodbye Grassett received four votes in the seventh round. The essay prize went to Laure Murad Proust, Roman Family (published by Robert Lafont), which obtained an absolute majority in the first round, was announced by the jury from the Parisian restaurant La Méditerranée.

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