The 10 best wall art pieces from Target to beautify your home

The 10 best wall art pieces from Target to beautify your home

Let’s go through the list, shall we? Dream patio furniture set? Checks. Amazing kitchen stuff? Check and check. Cool Black Girl – Must Have Technology? Triple check!

So, what’s missing? What’s the thing that will help you achieve that Pinterest board you’ve been curating since the beginning of time? mural! Yes, those trendy decorative pieces that everyone and their nans use to adorn their bare walls.

And imagine what? Unlike your rich aunts and the Huxtables, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to turn your space into a mini-gallery. Target (as always) has some beautiful, luxurious, and pocket-friendly options that are worth a look, too.

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling for some of the most attractive and cheap pieces of wall art you’ve ever seen. Even Jean-Michel Basquiat would be fascinated by these options.

Wall decor

Take inspiration from your recent beach vacation (#mermaidcore anyone?) and decorate your living room or bedside with this framed canvas wall art.

The pale aqua color of the calm, calm ocean contrasts with the multiple rows of navy and white beach umbrellas (plus lounge chairs) to create the perfect picture of modern and contemporary wall art.

If you want to keep with the theme, get this large decorative oyster shell. It really ties any room together.

Large wall art

Give your home a more distressed, rustic, and elevated look with these wood mesh wall art pieces from Threshold. Not only do decorative wall hangings pass the cheap wall art test, but they also serve as large, attractive crafts that add an open, sophisticated vibe to any room.

And customization becomes easy – simply display small accents within the grille openings to add an extra layer of dimension that complements your home’s unique aesthetic.

They also blend with almost any color and decor.

Wall art for living room

If you’re a fan of the bold, bohemian decor aesthetic, you’ll love this Van and Surfboard Framed Wall Art from Project 62. The collection is simple yet elegant and will add a touch of relaxed beach vibes to any room you put it in.

It exudes a calm and refreshing feeling that not only improves your home decor and your entire mood. The simple yet subtly sophisticated white frame is just an added bonus.

Metal wall art

A little bit of sparkle mixed with elegant and bold textures might be just what an interior designer ordered to take your wall decor from boring to subtly glamorous.

This attractive piece of metal wall art helps show your personality and turns your basic renter’s walls into an art gallery.

Additionally, it serves as the best outdoor wall art, decor for your living area, or any other space you would like to place. The point is, it will make your space sparkle with modern elegance!

Framed abstract wall art

You don’t have to have creative director credentials to add a dynamic touch to your walls with cool, simple abstract art paintings.

This stunning #Barbiecore piece is created using premium quality, fade-resistant inks, ensuring high definition and vivid colors that will stand the test of time.

Whether you hang it in your living room (near your favorite sofa), above your bed, or near your entryway, this wall art decor will make a captivating statement anywhere.

Target wall art decor

If you dream of essentially living in an art gallery, surrounded by an array of eclectic wall art prints and artwork by your favorite artists, then this vintage/mid-century modern wall art collection is for you.

It will make a luxurious design statement, give your space a more personalized feel, and create a calming ambiance with minimal effort.

Kitchen wall decor art

They say that if you want to add some oomph to your space and attract positive energy (and a lot of money) at the same time, get some pieces of gold wall art.

This metallic leaf wall decor set allows you to embrace your artistic expression and makes the perfect focal point for your dining area, hallways, kitchen and master bedroom.

Aren’t these the most luxurious pieces you’ve ever seen for such an amazing price? Put them on your target shopping list ASAP.

Framed canvas wall art

Forget what you may already know about art – you don’t need to completely destroy your bank account to get a stunning hand-framed canvas wall art set. There are plenty of these vibrant, captivating palettes at Target, like this option from Project 62.

Their sturdy frames provide a touch of elegance while ensuring the longevity of the decor, making them a great addition to your wall art collection for years to come.

Mirrored wall decor

What happens when you’ve exhausted all of your wall art options but still want something that adds dimension to your home? You can get a mirrored wall decor piece like this one from HOMCOM.

Its versatility knows no bounds, making it the perfect wedding, housewarming or birthday gift that effortlessly enhances every corner of our home, be it the living room, home office, dining room or bedroom.

Plus, it helps brighten up your walls, makes your home feel more spacious, and serves as the perfect place to check yourself in before hitting the road.

Bathroom wall decor

Who said art can’t have a little humor? This set of 4 bathroom wall art from Stratton Home Décor will have your family and guests enjoying their time in your bathroom and add drama to your laundry space, thanks to its matte black rustic painting prints.

Display them together to create a large wall art arrangement, or hang them separately throughout the room for a chuckle at every turn.

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