Ten must-see design installations at Miami Art Week 2023

Ten must-see design installations at Miami Art Week 2023

Sebastian Errázuriz’s beach maze, the first American show by artificial intelligence artist Tilly Tabot, and the first physical work by digital artist Andres Reisinger are among the advanced design installations on display during Miami Art Week 2023.

Many installations, events and exhibitions are planned for the annual Miami Art Week, which attracts participants and visitors from around the world to showcase art, design and technology.

The event is anchored by a few large fairs including Art Basel, Design/Miami and Fine Art, which are all held in Miami Beach.

In recent years, the Miami Design District, a Miami development the brainchild of collector and developer Craig Robbins, has also become a center for public art and exhibitions. They are held by brands that have storefronts in the area.

This year, many organizations have moved away from focusing on digital art trends such as NFTs, which have featured heavily in previous years.

In line with this, designer Errazuriz has created an installation that challenges the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital designer Reisinger will install his first-ever physical work.

Read on for our 10 picks for the week and visit Dezeen’s events guide for a full schedule of events taking place during Miami Art Week 2023.

Photography by Nick Hudson

Gravitas by Vincent van Duysen

Architect Vincent Van Duysen has collaborated with Mexican stone distributor Arca on a new collection accompanied by an aerial installation at the brand’s showroom in Wynwood.

Using Arca’s selection of stone, the architect has created 18 pieces of furniture that will be on display for the first time.

Arca stone sculptures by artist Hank Willis Thomas will also be on display outside the showroom as part of the brand’s Art Week presence.

Labyrinth: A Journey Through the Algorithmic Self by Sebastian Errázuriz

Errazuriz will install a large-scale maze on Faena Beach for Faena Art, one of the first art exhibitions of the week.

Visitors will walk through the oceanside maze, which will be designed by AI image-generating platforms and feature a monolithic sculpture at its centre.

The installation will be accompanied by a book by Errázuriz about the effects of artificial intelligence on contemporary art and culture, which can be accessed via a series of QR codes placed throughout the maze.

Gustav Westmann x The Standard Spa

Swedish designer Gustav Westman will take over the café at Standard Spa in Miami Beach to showcase several of his furniture and decor pieces.

The Scandinavian-style spa will be equipped with a wall of mirrors, including the designer’s famous curved mirror, and marks the beginning of the collaboration between the designer and the brand.

Pete Tilly by Studio Snoop

London-based Studio Snoop will take over the lobby at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach to showcase the designs of its AI designer, Tilly Coffin, for the first time in the United States.

Tilly3.0 is the third release of the AI ​​designer, which was first showcased at Milan Design Week earlier this year.

The installation will include five designs envisioned as a coffin and created by artisans and makers, and visitors can ask questions about the works.

Photography by Chris Tamburello

Utopia by Lara Bohink

UK-based designer Lara Bohink was commissioned by Miami’s Design District to create a series of brightly colored sculptural furniture pieces made from cork.

Pieces range from comfortable furniture to lighting fixtures that will be illuminated at night to hundreds of egg-shaped birdhouses suspended from the surrounding trees.

Collections of the pieces will be displayed on promenades in the Design District and in front of Design Gallery/Miami in Miami Beach.

Photography by Kevin Todora

Hidden Alchemy by Dan Lam

Sculptor Dan Lamm will display a sculpture at Wynwood Walls as part of the foundation’s programming for Miami Art Week.

The sculpture was made using metal and Styrofoam and painted with automotive paint and a “chameleon” finish to make the colors change depending on the viewer’s angle.

The Essence of Expression Service by Samuel Ross

British designer Samuel Ross was commissioned to create a permanent installation for the Miami Design District.

Twelve powder-coated steel benches were placed in the public spaces to align with the Design Week celebrations.

The seats have three different designs conceptualized by Ross and created using CNC techniques.


Italian design platform Alcova, known for its exhibitions at Milan Design Week, will present several group shows at the Selina Gold Dust Motel in the north of the city.

Artists, designers, material creators and interior designers will contribute to the various offerings, and the program will feature creatives such as Caleb Ferris, Objects of Common Interest, Kostas Lambridis and Natural Materials Studio, whose founder Bonnie Hvilum recently won Dezeen’s inaugural Bentley Lighthouse. prize.

Alcova will also feature programmes, including talks and events in partnership with Dezeen.

Miami takes over for Andres Reisinger

Reisinger, known for his digital art, will present his first-ever physical work in collaboration with the Miami Design District.

Based on digital works that resemble the artist’s dream, the installation will feature a canvas draped over a storefront in the area, and will be pulled aside at the entrance.

Photography by Steve Benisti

8 minutes and 20 seconds, directed by Marjan transportation car Opel

Designed for solar energy coral From Opel She will present her first-ever public project in Miami, an installation that explores the potential of harnessing carbon-neutral energy and “pays homage to the journey of the sun.”

In partnership with Lexus and Random Studio, the installation will include a full-scale electric Lexus LF-ZC. The car is made using photoelectric sheets that work similar to a prism, with built-in light and motion sensors added to the screen.

work address, 8 minutes and 20 seconds, refers to the time it takes sunlight to reach Earth.

Miami Art Week takes place from December 6 to 19 in Miami, United States. Check out Dezeen’s events guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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