Geometric concrete forms and a reflecting pool will define the 10th edition of MPavilion in Australia, designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando.

MPavilion 10, Japanese architect Ando’s first project in Australia, will be located in Queen Victoria Gardens in central Melbourne.

It has been designed as an intentionally concise space suitable for gathering and contemplation, evoking a traditional Japanese walled garden.

Tadao Ando has released photos of the 10th MPavilion

“The design began with the desire to create a sense of timelessness within a Melbourne garden oasis,” Ando said.

“I wanted to create an experience that will last forever in the hearts of all who visit. I imagine a structure of space, allowing light and breeze to enter and breathe life into it. A place that harmonizes with the environment, becomes one with a garden, and flowers with boundless creativity,” Ando continued.

“MPavillion 10 is designed to encourage encounters between people and the natural world and endless dialogue.”

Once the project is complete, MPavilion will be defined by Ando’s distinctive use of geometric concrete forms. Its scheme, which takes the form of two facing squares, will create two entrances on opposite sides.

The structure will be enclosed by high concrete walls, creating the feel of a walled garden. At its heart will be a large central column topped by a 14-meter-wide aluminum canopy.

Inside, the floor of the pavilion will be half paved and half covered in water, creating a reflective pool meant to reflect the pavilion’s canopy and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, horizontal openings along the north and south walls of the wing will frame views of downtown Melbourne and the landscape.

It will be defined by its geometric concrete forms

“The architecture of Tadao Ando is remarkable because it fundamentally influences the way we view the world around us,” said MPavilion Commissioner Naomi Milgrom.

“We look forward to seeing how visitors, designers, artists, and others will respond to this dramatic and serene space, as well as the creativity it will generate.”

The completion of MPavilion 10 this summer will mark the start of the five-month design festival at Queen Victoria Gardens and the 10th edition of the MPavilion Festival.

The festival was created by Milgrom as part of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation in 2014. Previous designers of the pavilion include Bangkok architecture studio All(zone) and Australian architect Glenn Murcutt.

Ando is developing MPavilion 10 with Australian architect Sean Godsell of Sean Godsell Architects, who designed the inaugural structure in 2014.

As in previous years, at the end of each MPavilion season, the building will be moved to a permanent home within the city.

Visuals provided by Tadao Ando Architect & Associates.

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