Syria is expanding its business in the field of outdoor furniture through the acquisition of RST brands

Syria is expanding its business in the field of outdoor furniture through the acquisition of RST brands

Furniture World News Desk On 9/17/2023

Surya announced that it has completed the acquisition of RST Brands, a leading omni-channel outdoor furniture company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The strategic purchase will enable Surya to gain immediate market share and enhance its capabilities in the fast-growing outdoor furnishings segment.

“We are thrilled to bring the RST Brands team and business into the Surya family, and look forward to the future growth opportunities we will pursue together,” said Surya President Satya Tiwari. He added: “This acquisition provides us with a well-established company” and a platform to serve the diverse needs of our clients in the offshore sector. Combining the strengths of both companies will enable us to accelerate our mission to become the most comprehensive supplier of home furnishings for every lifestyle.”

Over the past decade, Surya has continually expanded its product portfolio and continues to make significant investments to deliver unparalleled diversity, quality and innovation to its customers. Now, the company will enhance its existing range of rugs, textiles and outdoor accents with forward-designed outdoor furniture at all price points. RST Brands’ signature Colorway Collections line, with its patented cushion system, frame configurations and Sunbrella fabric options, is just one example of the increased flexibility and customization that will be available to Surya customers.

The purchase of RST Brands represents Surya’s second strategic acquisition in the past six months, demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to providing customers with a strong selection of home furnishings to suit a wide range of lifestyles.

About Syria

Surya is the leading single source for home furnishings for a wide range of lifestyles. An expert in translating the latest clothing and interior design trends, Surya masterfully combines colour, pattern, texture and form to offer over 80,000 contemporary products, including rugs, furniture, lighting, wall decor and textiles. Surya products are sold through a global network of retailers, e-tailers and interior designers. To learn more, visit

About RST Brands

Founded in 2004, RST Brands delivers stylish furniture and exceptional omnichannel experiences through strong partnerships, innovative technology and design. With more than two decades of fostering exclusive relationships with leading manufacturers, retailers and innovators, RST Brands offers a diverse portfolio of outdoor products, featuring superior craftsmanship and materials, including high-performance Sunbrella® fabrics. For more information visit

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