Signal Hill releases new survey and renderings for the Civic Center master plan

Signal Hill releases new survey and renderings for the Civic Center master plan

Three options were designed; Residents were asked to choose their favorites.

The city of Signal Hill is asking residents to share their opinions on what a new civic center should look like. The city has narrowed its options to three proposed plans, and is asking the public to provide feedback on them by taking an online survey.

In July, the Signal Hill City Council approved a more than $218,000 contract with John Kaliski Architects, Incorporated (JKA Inc.) to develop the Civic Center master plan. The plan will outline updates to the area including the existing community center, City Hall and its parking lots, Signal Hill Park, Signal Hill Public Library, Spud Field and some properties along 21st Street.

The city released its first Civic Center Master Plan survey in August, and held several in-person public meetings in October in order to gauge what amenities and resources the community wanted to see in the revamped Civic Center.

Information obtained during this time was used to create three potential plans for the civic center, and the new survey aims to find out which one residents prefer.

The description of the three different plans is as follows:

  • “Campus” – The first option proposes building a new amphitheater near the center of the park, with sports fields and a play area located to the west, near the current Spud Field. A new Civic Center facility featuring City Hall and a community center with various activity spaces will be constructed west of the Signal Hill Library. The existing City Hall will be renovated to accommodate cultural activities, and Kelley Drive will be widened and enhanced with a cul-de-sac to improve access to the community center and adjacent residential properties.
The first option of Signal Hill’s proposed master plan for the renovated Civic Center, titled “Campus.” (Courtesy of Signal Hill)
  • “Porch” -The second option proposes placing the new amphitheater west of the existing Bruce May Memorial Theater, which is currently used for summer concerts. This option envisions additional park lands and walking trails replacing Spud Field. A new Civic Center facility, combining City Hall and the community center with several indoor and outdoor activity spaces, will be constructed north of the new park space and south of the expanded Hill Street parking lot. Kelley Drive would undergo improvements as an alley south of 21st Street. Jesse Nelson Circle would be transformed into a pedestrian plaza facing City Hall, which, in this plan, would be renovated for cultural activities and house various artistic opportunities.
The second option of Signal Hill’s proposed masterplan for the renovated Civic Center, titled “The Terrace.” (Courtesy of Signal Hill)
  • “the green” – Option 3 proposes placing the new grandstand west of Spud Field, with a southern extension of Kelley Drive connecting it to 21st Street. A new community center with activity spaces for seniors, adults, teens and children would be created just north of the grandstand. The plan includes an expanded sports field and children’s play area adjacent to Hill Street, connecting south to the community center. A City Hall extension would be built east of the current facility, and Jessie Nelson Circle would be replaced with an extension to the park.
The third option from Signal Hill’s proposed masterplan for the renovated Civic Centre, titled ‘The Grren’. (Courtesy of Signal Hill)

The survey consists of 10 questions, some of which are:

  • Do you live in Signal Hill?
  • how old are you?
  • How should the current City Hall building be reimagined?
  • Will you support a voter-approved bond measure to help fund a specific improvement?

To take the survey online, visit

To keep up with the Civic Center master plan, or to learn more, visit the city’s website or call 562-989-7343.

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