Tamashii Designs Studio Private Limited in association with the State Government has carried out landscaping and landscaping works at 25 locations including Siddipet, Gajwel, Jangaon and Medchal FSTPs.

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Tamashii Design Studio: Setting standards for eco-friendly design

Hyderabad: Passing through the greenery and clean environment without any bad smell, people who visit the Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) in Medchal first get the impression of a resort or club building.

Annapurna Canteen in Nalgonda with its aesthetically designed seating and wide green lawns are also among the designs that catch the eye of many passers-by.

There are about 25 such works, all by Tamashii Designs Studio Private Limited in association with the state government, ranging from FSTPs, parks, highways, intermediate roads and other locations. The company offers beautiful landscaping projects adorned with murals, statues, walkways, welcome arches, etc.

To date, the company has carried out landscaping and landscaping works in 25 locations, including Siddipet, Gajwel, Jangaon and Medchal FSTP.

Given the facilities available, not many people would identify them as treatment plants. The remarkable aspect is that there is no bad smell and most of the items used are made from recycled and reused materials such as tires, says M Vasudeva Reddy, CEO of Tamashii Designs Studio Pty Ltd.

Air filters were planted at FSTP plants since these plants emit monoxide. People work in these factories and air filters help reduce the effect of monoxide. In Sidibet, he says, a warehouse has been set up using waste plastic water bottles.

A lot of homework is done before the project is implemented, especially the completion of the seedlings to be planted. He explains that a soil test will be conducted and, based on the result, certain species that can thrive in the local conditions will be planted, adding that maintenance is key to the success of these projects.

From 150-year-old olive trees, to bonsai to street plants, the company sources all seedlings from its own farms in Kadiam and Pune. Similarly, murals, statues and other items are also provided by the company.

An IIM Lucknow graduate, Vasudeva Reddy takes on these projects out of his passion for saving the environment and doing his bit for the community.

“These days, the environment around us is mostly concrete jungle and there is a need to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution. Through these projects, efforts are being made to provide clean air, along with entertainment for the people,” says Vasudeva Reddy.

Presently, the company is carrying out a beautification project at Saddala Cheruvu in Suryapet. He adds that the upcoming facilities in the park’s play area will surely be admired by the visitors.

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