Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building Season 3.

The Big Picture

  • Season 3 of Murders only in the building It gave us an early clue as to the identity of Ben’s killer. Tobert’s handwriting matches the message on Ben’s mirror, making him a likely suspect in the murder investigation.
  • We should be suspicious of Tobert given his ability to lie convincingly and his uninvestigated relationship with Ben Gilroy.
  • There are indications that Taubert may have had a parasocial relationship with Mabel and a fascination with true crime, suggesting a motive for his possible involvement in the murder.

Season 3 of Hulu Murders only in the building It’s officially passed the halfway mark, and we’re approaching the end of season three. While the first two seasons were set in Arconia, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) And (Selena Gomez) find themselves involved in a murder mystery on Broadway. The events of the mysterious season revolve around the death of actor Ben Gilroy (Paul Rudd(And the arrival of actors like Loretta)Meryl Streep(and Kimber)Ashley Park) in the middle of a production of a play by Oliver. While there was increasing momentum towards the end of the season, the show has been smart about the clues it’s dropped so far. Here’s a big problem you may have overlooked.

Why is Tobert’s handwriting such a big clue?

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Throughout the first half of the season, the big clue we get from the killer is finding the phrase “fucking pig” written on Ben’s mirror in his green room. This makes Oliver, Mabel, and Charles realize that it was written by the killer. While early episodes seem to indicate it was Joey (Andrea Martin) or Loretta who was behind Ben’s death, the writing actually seems more similar to Tobert’s writing (Jesse Williams)!

Upon discovering a sign-in sheet inside Allison Jane’s office, Mabel realizes that the group has successfully obtained handwriting samples from the entire Death Rattle Dazzle team. I realized that these samples could now be used for comparative analysis with the writing on the mirror. However, with Oliver working overtime to hide all the evidence for fear Loretta might be behind it, the playwright erases the cross-out and leaves the sign-in sheet in Ben’s office. Hopefully though, Mabel is taking a picture of the mirror because when Tobert writes Ben’s doctor’s name on the murder board, his writing matches the writing on the mirror. But Mabel didn’t seem to notice this yet.

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We should have kept a close eye on Tobert

Murder Only in the Building, season 3, episode 3
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There are more reasons to look at Tobert with a more critical eye. While you may get lost in his blue eyes, like Mabel and even Theo Dimas (James Caverley) You might want to pay attention to this documentary. First, we know he can lie convincingly, his story about not saving the elephants in Botswana almost convinced Mabel and us. Second, it is the type of character that was present in Ben Gilroy’s life but was not investigated by the three main characters. If anything, the constant focus on the possibility of Loretta being the killer and even taking Joey into account makes not investigating him a glaring omission, as he’s now the only love interest not investigated.

So far, we know shockingly little about Taubert, given the key role he played in the investigation. There’s a strong possibility he’s a real life crime junkie. We see shades of this in Episode 7 when he hands Mabel a Bloody Mabel painting that he was keen to focus on in the podcast series. There is a possibility that he created it himself and was attracted to Mabel Mora partly due to the anti-social relationship he had built up in his head. We see something similar with Alice (Cara Delevingne) in Season 2, who is taken aback by the idea of ​​Bloody Mabel (with Alice going so far as to hold an art exhibition where she dresses like her and is covered in blood) and this leads to the demise of Mabel’s relationship with Alice.

Tobert immediately knows who Theo Dimas is when he first sees him in Episode 7, making it clear that he certainly knows a lot about the lives of the people the trio covers on their podcast. So, it seems like there’s a lot to push the narrative thread into Tobert being the one behind Ben’s murder.

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