Saudi authorities reveal designs for expansion of AlUla International Airport

Saudi authorities reveal designs for expansion of AlUla International Airport

Riyadh: The Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority in the Kingdom launched its Saudi Cultural Exhibition in Paris, which will last for two weeks until November 10 and includes participation from entities and organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Culture.

The 14-day event offers various attractions and activities that showcase aspects of Saudi culture, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority cooperated with the Ministry of Culture with various committees, including the committees for heritage, libraries, music, culinary arts, architecture, design, fashion, cinema, and the Prince Mohammed bin Salman International Center for the Arabic Language. Font — to create a large-scale program.

The main goal of the exhibition is to enhance cultural exchange between the two countries, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, enhance intellectual participation and enhance the presence of Saudi creatives in the local and international arenas.

In the first week, attendees will be given the opportunity to watch four panel discussions covering a wide range of topics, including Saudi fiction and literature, and an in-depth exploration of the Saudi and French literary scene.

The future of the local fashion scene will also be highlighted, along with two poetry evenings, and the screening of seven Saudi short films from the Dow Competition, a platform that supports emerging filmmakers.

Eight discussion panels are scheduled to be held in the second week, in addition to three poetry evenings and a screening of five films.

A panel discussion on King Salman’s Charter for Architecture and Urbanism is also scheduled to be held. Three presentations will explore the uncharted territories of local crafts and architecture, equipping participants with valuable skills in heritage conservation.

French publishing house Assouline is hosting the launch of the book “Mecca: The Holy City of Islam” by historian and geographer at Umm Al-Qura University, Miraj Nawab Mirza. The book includes photographs by French photographer Aziz Hamani.

A second book entitled “Madinah Al-Munawwarah: The City of the Prophet” by writer Tandeeb Al-Faydi will also be presented.

The exhibition also includes a mini-museum dedicated to Arabic poetry, in partnership with the Poetry Academy.

The Ministry of Culture aims to highlight the unique nature and profound creativity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which extends back centuries of history.

It aims to achieve this through discussion panels on Saudi literature. translation; Cultural and musical exchanges; Preserving the heritage of the culinary arts through specialized books; And the introduction of World Heritage sites in the Kingdom.

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