Sauce Magazine – Vegan restaurant CC’s 2 Seriously Good will open its new location in Hazelwood in December

Sauce Magazine – Vegan restaurant CC’s 2 Seriously Good will open its new location in Hazelwood in December

After a nearly six-month closure, CC’s 2 Seriously Good, the vegan restaurant formerly known as CC’s Vegan Spot, has announced its new home at 211 Village Square in Hazelwood, set to open on Saturday, December 2.

“We are looking forward to getting back in business and providing customers with what they are accustomed to,” said owner Trizelle Brown.

Although the move from city to county has been a long process, this is not the company’s first relocation. In 2021, Brown moved the restaurant from Alton, Illinois, to 4993 Loughborough Street, where the restaurant had operated for two years. The restaurant closed that location earlier this year, and has since operated by serving food using the commercial kitchen of Theodora Farms in Godfrey, Illinois.

Plans to move the successful vegetarian restaurant to North County have been in the works for some time since much of Brown’s customer base made the trip from the North County area when the restaurant was in South City. “I always wanted to be there,” she said. “North County has always supported me, and I am very excited to put CC there.”

In what will be Brown’s largest space to date, the Hazelwood restaurant will seat 42 guests, as well as an area at the front of the building for a few outdoor tables when weather permits. With a blue and yellow color scheme inside, the restaurant will also have a New York-meets-Midwest feel and feature images of landmarks like the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the Gateway Arch, since Brown is originally from Harlem and her business partner Tracy Johnson-Garcia is from Brooklyn.

Another aspect of the new decor will be what Brown calls the Wall of Fame. The wall will feature photos of celebrities from St. Louis and beyond that Brown has cooked for, including musicians Omarion and Erykah Badu, along with Kejuan and Murphy Lee of the hip-hop group St. Lunatics, to name a few.

The menu will include some new items, like new salads and Buffalo hummus wraps, while Brown promises that some customer favorites that were on the menu at her Alton location, like jalapeño poppers, will make an appearance again, too. Additionally, guests can expect to find plant-based soul foods like vegetarian chops, a dish called Side Piece, which is a vegetarian twist on ribs, as well as burgers and sandwiches made with vegetables, not animals, and many other items. The goal is to provide healthy and delicious options for everyone.

“We are trying to reach everyone wherever they are to learn about their health and nutritional needs,” she said. “The menu is very extensive, but we will touch on everything so people can sit down and eat.”

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