Revealing Greta Gerwig Kane’s inspiration makes for one perfect cameo for Barbie 2

Revealing Greta Gerwig Kane’s inspiration makes for one perfect cameo for Barbie 2


  • Greta Gerwig drew inspiration from films such as The Wizard of Oz and Saturday Night Fever to shape Barbie’s aesthetic and narrative elements, including the character of Ken, who was influenced by Sylvester Stallone.
  • Gerwig and Ryan Gosling incorporated elements of Stallone’s mannerisms and dress sense into their characterization of Kane, as they are both admirers of the action star.
  • Stallone’s involvement in Barbie 2 will align with the series’ commitment to promoting inclusivity and celebrating uniqueness, while bringing broader appeal across generations. The possibility of Stallone appearing in the sequel is exciting, although there are no official confirmations for the sequel yet.

The Great Gerwig has an interesting explanation of who she was inspired by when she wrote Kane, which also lends itself to a perfect cameo in Barbie 2. Barbie would have been a typical live-action toy, catering only to younger audiences. However, with her distinctive storytelling and unique cinematic vision, Greta Gerwig brilliantly transformed the popular gaming franchise by weaving feminist threads into its narrative and casting characters in a way that challenges traditional gender stereotypes.

Greta Gerwig was reportedly inspired by many films such as Wizard of Oz, 2001: A space journeyAnd Saturday night fever While working on the aesthetic and narrative elements of Barbie. Even when it comes to shaping the film’s main characters, the director has drawn inspiration from several fictional film characters. This influence was especially true in her take on Ryan Gosling’s style development Barbie The character of Kane, carefully drawing elements from a Hollywood actor’s mannerisms, clothing taste and demeanor, would serve as the perfect manifestation of Barbie 2.

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Sylvester Stallone needs to appear in Barbie 2


In an interview (trans the people), Greta Gerwig spoke about the inspiration behind the character of Kane in the film Barbie film. Surprisingly, she revealed that Sylvester Stallone was among the main influences when she wrote Ryan Gosling’s character for the film. The director also added that even Ryan Gosling loves Sylvester Stallone. After she and Gosling had a long discussion about what they liked about the action star, they included everything from Stallone’s famous fake mink to his most memorable cinematic moments in Kane’s characterization.

Gerwig also explained that the inspiration for Sly made sense because he is one of the most decorated men in Hollywood, and grooming is something Ken was looking for in Barbie. Sylvester Stallone’s inspiration behind Kane’s characterization makes it hard not to wonder how the veteran star would fit into Gerwig’s Barbieland. if it was Barbie If a sequel happens, it seems unlikely that Sylvester Stallone will take center stage as one of its main characters. However, just like the first Barbie The film featured many epic roles for stars such as John Cena and Rob Brydon, Barbie 2 It should feature a brief appearance by Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone would be a perfect fit for a movie about puppets

Sylvester Stallone as injured Rocky

Even though he’s only a few years old, Sylvester Stallone looks like a personified action figure. His strong physical presence and imposing physique will allow him to fully integrate into the world of Barbie in the sequel as another representation of Ken. Since the first Barbie The film emphasized the depiction of diverse versions of both Barbie and Ken rather than restricting their appearance to beauty stereotypes, and implicated Sylvester Stallone in Barbie The sequel will also stand alongside the film franchise’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and celebrating uniqueness.

His involvement in Barbie 2 It could reinforce the first film’s message of embracing individuality and breaking down traditional beauty standards surrounding age and appearance. More than anything else, Stallone would fit in too Barbie 2 Because his presence would bring broader cross-generational appeal to the franchise. Unfortunately, though, Greta Gerwig has shown some interest in expanding the scope of the work Barbie live-action franchise, no official confirmations have been made about the sequel yet. However, the mere possibility of Sylvester Stallone appearing in it Barbie 2 Exciting enough.

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