ReCAAP: Capacity building workshop to enhance the capacity of focal points to combat piracy and maritime robbery against ships

ReCAAP: Capacity building workshop to enhance the capacity of focal points to combat piracy and maritime robbery against ships

The ReCAAP Information Clearinghouse (ISC), in collaboration with its Bangladesh Focal Point, Bangladesh Shipping Department, Ministry of Shipping, concluded a three-day Capacity Building Workshop (CBW) held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 24
Until 26 October 2023. The workshop strengthened the skill sets of ReCAAP liaisons to report and verify incidents of piracy and maritime robbery in Asia.

Mr. Tipu Munshi, Honorable Minister of Commerce of Bangladesh, on 25 October 2023, was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of the Capacity Building Workshop. He said Bangladesh will continue to work closely with ReCAAP ISC to suppress piracy and armed robbery against ships.

The workshop was attended by Coast Guard, Navy and maritime law enforcement agencies from 11 ReCAAP focal points (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States,
Vietnam), regional agencies of the Indonesian Coast Guard and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). In addition, representatives of the Bangladesh Ministry of Shipping, Port Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh Coast Guard and Navy, and Shipowners Association also attended the workshop.

During the workshop, ReCAAP contacts shared their countries’ efforts in preventing incidents of piracy and maritime robbery in their ports, marinas and territorial waters. Officials from ReCAAP focal points also participated in a training session and tabletop exercise to familiarize themselves with the use of the ReCAAP ISC Information Network (IFN) system. IFN enables focal point officers to exchange detailed and secure information about piracy and maritime robbery incidents within the ReCAAP network.

Rear Admiral (Retd) Muhammad Khurshid Alam, Secretary, Maritime Affairs Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, delivered a lecture on international maritime law.

Mr. Krishnaswamy Natarajan, Executive Director of ReCAAP ISC said, “I am grateful to the Bangladesh Ministry of Shipping for their assistance in co-organizing this CBW, which has allowed ReCAAP contacts to hone their incident reporting skills and enhance their knowledge in the legal field. Aspects of prosecuting criminals at sea. I would like to I encourage the shipping community to report incidents of piracy or maritime robbery to the nearest coastal state to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in a timely manner, as this allows the ReCAAP focal point to quickly activate law enforcement resources to assist the ship’s crew in apprehending the perpetrators.

Ms. Delora Begum, Governor of ReCAAP Bangladesh and Vice Chairman of ReCAAP ISC, said: “ReCAAP has proven its credibility in the maritime domain since its formation in 2006, playing a role in keeping ships safe and secure when they transit Asian waters. As a ReCAAP member state , Bangladesh closely monitors incidents of ship robbery in our ports, anchorages and territorial waters, and actively contributes to the ReCAAP ISC mission to suppress piracy and piracy.
Armed robbery of ships in Asia. She added: “I would like to thank all participants in the Chemical Weapons Convention for their contribution, and express my feelings
Our appreciation to ReCAAP ISC for choosing Bangladesh as the host country for CBW 2023.
Source: Recap

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