Purpose Interior Design founder talks about home trends

Purpose Interior Design founder talks about home trends

NORTH SIOUX CITY — Nella Brown takes pride in what she calls the “Purpose Kitchen” at Purpose Interior Design, a full-service design studio she founded in Dakota Dunes.

Purpose designers design homes from concept to completion. They specialize in furniture selection, space planning, window treatments, design, cabinetry, and contractor communication.

The purpose kitchen features Sorrento cabinetry, which Brown, the studio’s lead designer, said is “a completely, completely custom style.” It is also a frameless font. The look is two-tone with wood and white cabinets.

“I like it a lot. But it’s not timeless. It’s definitely a trend right now. It’s not going to last forever,” Brown said of the two-tone tune. “Some customers don’t want white on base cabinets because they’re worried about it getting scratched more than the wood. So, we might use wood on the base and white on the tops to spice things up. But we really work with the customer to see how comfortable they are with “Both colors.”

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Purpose of interior design

Principal designer and founder Nella Brown talks kitchen trends in the modular kitchen at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

The island is Cambria quartz, which Brown said was sourced from Solid Fabrications.

“It’s a wonderful material. It’s very strong. It’s non-porous, almost indestructible,” she said.

The island side features a waterfall and a metal piece designed by Port Neal Welding.

“It flows into that wood panel, so that’s a beautiful detail that some homeowners want to think about if they’re not using a designer,” she said.

A full-purpose kitchen can be sourced and designed to meet a customer’s needs, Brown said. She noted that the appliances came from Karl’s TV & Appliance, while the plumbing fixtures came from Briggs, Inc.

Purpose of interior design

White is still very popular in kitchens.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

White interiors are still a “big problem,” Brown said, but people are choosing more wood tones and moody interiors, which they associate with white. She said they choose raw materials, such as stone and wood, in an effort to bring the outside in.

Purpose of interior design

Decorative coffee mugs are displayed in a model kitchen at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

Besides white cabinets, Brown said a white subway tile backsplash, or anything cream, will never go out of style.

“The cool gray is on its way out. When the gray came in, it was hot. Everyone was making gray floors, gray walls, gray cabinets. Everything was gray,” she said. “Now, people are using gray or making sure the gray has a little bit of taupe in it.”

Brown said green is a “very hot color” that people use instead of a neutral color. Green can “soften a space,” she said. However, you may want to think twice, for example, about using a green sofa.

White furniture is a best-seller on purpose, according to Brown. Clients wanted white because it brightens the room and is “very timeless,” she said.

“It gives a very elegant look and never goes out of style,” she said, before mentioning that you can easily change the cushions on a white sofa to coincide with the changing seasons.

Purpose of interior design

White sofas are not something to be avoided. The fabrics can make it ready to withstand any type of use.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

But wouldn’t it be difficult to keep a white sofa clean? The studio has fabrics that are resistant to children and adults, Brown said.

“You can pour red wine on this and it will stay and sit on top so you can clean it,” she said, standing in a living room between two white sofas on the Purpose retail floor, which is open from the Purpose store. From Monday until Friday. “We plan to test that one day, but we haven’t done so yet.”

For a new home, Brown said the floor plan stage is usually when Purpose designers want to get involved.

Purpose of interior design

Swatches and samples are on display in the Design Center at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

They start with finishes — paint color, flooring and grout colors — before moving on to furniture, lighting, cabinetry and countertops, she said.

“We can provide almost everything for the house, except for the work shares,” she said.

Breaking down the entire floor plan by space can reduce feelings of overwhelm, Brown said. She recommends starting in the kitchen.

“If you don’t know what you want, I would start by looking for inspiration somewhere, whether it’s Pinterest or walking into our studio,” she said. “Looking at other friends’ houses, maybe they have a pink color that you really like, or something like that. Start really small. Find something that really inspires you, and then, we can build on that.”

Purpose of interior design

Principal designer and founder Nella Brown points to some color chips on the mood board at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

Purpose designers can also work with the feeling you want to evoke in a space, Brown said. And you don’t have to adhere to current trends. Target leans toward the customer’s style, she said.

“It’s your home. You’re our client. You’re our client,” she said.

The last installation came to Nicole Lehmann’s mind. Lyman is the owner of Purpose Interior Design and a designer.

“It’s great, but it’s not for everyone. It’s very client-specific,” she said of the office space, which includes green monkey-pink wallpaper and a zebra rug.

Purpose of interior design

Owner and designer Nicole Lehman, left, talks design trends as lead designer and founder Nella Brown looks at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

“This jungle-themed office might not be your style, but let’s say you were buying this house,” Brown added. “You might think it was tastefully designed. You’d say, ‘I can live with this.'” It’s beautiful,” he said.

There’s always room to maneuver within the budget, Brown said. The key, she said, is not to sacrifice design.

“We’ll help you save in areas, but we don’t want it to look like it’s sticking out like a sore thumb in the space,” said Brown, who acknowledged that staying on budget can be difficult. “It has to fit the rest of the house.”

Purpose of interior design

Decorative items are on display in the showroom at Purpose Interior Design in Dakota Dunes.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

Investment pieces should be given higher priority in space. In the kitchen, Brown doesn’t recommend skimping on countertops and lighting, which she calls “space jewelry.”

“You want it to be bold and high quality,” she said of the lighting. “You don’t want a builder’s degree.”

When you walk into a home, you can immediately tell if the lighting was purchased from a big box store, Lehman said.

“If someone is just looking to make their kitchen look a little more luxurious, just turning off the light or that faucet on the kitchen sink and countertops can completely transform it, or painting their existing cabinets. Paint goes a long way to help the budget.”

Purpose of interior design

Accessories are key to showing the homeowner’s personality.

Tim Hinds, Sioux City Journal

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