Prune plants in November

Prune plants in November

November is the beginning of the pruning season for many deciduous trees and shrubs that go dormant when cold weather arrives. It’s also the perfect time to prune perennials that brightened over the summer, but now need to be cut back before winter.

However, not everything is suitable for pruning in the fall. Some fruit trees and evergreen trees need to be cut back at different times or you risk causing damage or disease. It’s always a good idea to do research when planning fall gardening, just to make sure certain plants are suitable for fall pruning.

I have worked in a wide variety of gardens during my years as a professional gardener in the UK. This has given me extensive experience pruning trees, shrubs and perennials throughout the fall and winter. There can be different reasons to prune in November, and here we take a look at a group of plants that could catch your eye this month.

Prune a tree in the fall with pruning shears

It is best to prune many trees during dormancy

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Quick tips for pruning in November

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