Prague Architectural Tours: Czech Walking Guides

Prague Architectural Tours: Czech Walking Guides

Prague walking tours, Czech building guides, architectural walking tours in Czechoslovakia, visits by architects to the city

Architecture Walking Guides – Exclusive walking tours of buildings in the Czech Republic by e-Architect.

Post updated October 1, 2023

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Prague Architecture Tour: Exclusive Guided Tours

All of our Prague guided tours are tailored to suit each booking, and we do not allow join bookings. Our guided tours in the Czech Republic are all exclusive to each client.

e-archietct can help you get architectural guides for your trip to the Czech Republic.

Masaryk Railway Station Renovation Design by Zaha Hadid Architects:
Renovation of Masaryk Railway Station area
Image courtesy of Office Architects

Walking tours in Prague

Architecture of Prague – Introduction

Prague is a picturesque European city with a well-preserved historic centre. Here there are buildings by famous architects Adolf Loos, Stephen Holl (interior design – reconstruction), Eva Jiricna and Frank Gehry.

Prague Castle was founded around 880 AD:
Prague Castle
Image © Ivan Andera

About 200 kilometers to the southeast (in Brno) there is a classical building by architect Mies van der Rohe, one of his best works – Villa Tugendhat. There are some interesting Cubist buildings scattered around the city and a pocket of Modernist buildings to the west.

The Dancing House building in Prague was designed by architect Frank Gehry, based in Santa Monica, California, USA:
Dancing House Prague Architecture Tours
Image © Ivan Andera

Prague’s most famous modern architecture is certainly the Prague Dancing House also known as “Fred and Ginger” (above) designed by Frank Gehry with Vlado Milonec and completed in 1996. Typical of the architect’s work, it is lively and flowing, defying historical context Architect.

Another strong new building is the Josef Hotel Prague (above) designed by Czech architect Eva Jerekna whose head office is in London. This central hotel building has a wonderful spiral staircase in the lobby, which is worth a visit.

Architecture of Prague: The main buildings to visit in the city
Prague Architecture Green City Tours
Photography © Roland Halbe

Major contemporary architecture in Prague worth a visit includes the City Green Court, (below) in the Pankrác district designed by acclaimed American architects Richard Meier & Partners and inspired by Czech Cubist architecture. This is the third building in a group of buildings designed by Richard Meier & Associates (New York City) and it complements the corner of the Radio Plaza superstructure. The building is smaller in size than its predecessor, the City Tower.

The recent renovation of Prague 2’s Fort of the Cross, by operator MCA, is located just east of the city centre:
Energizing architecture tours at Crucifix Bastion in Prague
Photography: Philip Slabala
The Bastion is part of Prague’s medieval fortifications. The architects’ aim in renovating the site was to landscape the public area, add a café and open-air gallery on the site of a ruined 19th-century building and connect spaces inside and outside the medieval fortification line.

Finally, we also suggest visiting the entrance hall of the Prague National Gallery by the famous Barcelona architecture studio of Mateo Arquitectura. They have redeveloped a number of spaces including the connecting hall, the main entrance to the National Gallery and the access between Salem and Schwarzenberg Palaces.

If you have more than one day, we also recommend visiting Andels Hotel Prague by Jestico + Whiles (based in London).

Also of interest are the small interiors of the Franz Kafka Society by American architects Steven Holl (based in New York City) and Marcela Steinbachova.

Cubist architecture in Prague

There are also Cubist buildings scattered throughout the city, mostly towards the south near the river, and then to the west across the river there is a small modernist enclave that looks a bit like a miniature version of Stuttgart’s Wesissenhofsiedlung – Prague’s modernist buildings.
Functional villa architecture tours in Prague
Image © Ivan Andera
Some modest but delightful modernist homes by architects such as Mart Stam can be found here.

Prague architecture news

Architectural walking tours in Prague

Prague architectural tours The focus can be on traditional or contemporary buildings or both. A Prague architectural tour can serve as an introduction to the city’s main buildings or can be tailored to suit your group’s interests.

Prague Modernist building by architect Adolf Loos:
Adolf Los Prague Building
Photo: Martin Pollack

At e-architect we can provide information about building types and geographical areas before your tour. For example, an interested group could be advised on new office buildings in Prague, allowing an itinerary to be agreed before their visit to the Czech Republic.

Besides the world-famous Luce and Gerry buildings, the city also contains some unusual structures. There are some strange designs that have been classified as ‘Cubist’, even though they don’t look much like a painting by Braque or Picasso!

Guided Tours of Prague – Options: Architectural Walking Tours of Prague
Gothic monastery church building in Prague
Image © Ivan Andera

Walking tours in Prague

Contact us to arrange your Czech architectural tour online. +44 (0)7952 149814 / Isabel (at)

City Green Court building designed by famous New York architect Richard Meier:
City Green Court Building
City Green Court Pankrác image:

Architecture tours

e-architect also organizes architecture walking tours in other Central European cities such as Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade.

Gulliver Architectural design by HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš:
Gulliver Dukes Center for Contemporary Art, Prague
Photographs by Alice Jungmann, Peter Kralik and Jan Slavik
Gulliver Docks Center for Contemporary Art
In 2014, HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš was approached by director and founder of the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Leoš Valka, who said he “needed something for the ceiling.” They painted two different versions of the original wooden structures and he loved them.

Soon to be built?

Masarika Building Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, a world-renowned architectural office based in London, England:
Masaryčka Building in Prague by Zaha Hadid Architects
Submission: Horak Studio
Masaryčka Building in Prague
Construction of the Masaryčka Building in Prague continues, with the structure of the retail levels on the ground and first floors completed. Work has begun on the construction of the upper floors of cantilevered offices with roof gardens.

Are you interested in a tailor-made city walk? Please reach out! Isabel (at) for architecture tours in Prague

Location: Prague, Czech Republic, Central Eastern Europe

Czech architecture

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Prague building – works of the twentieth century

Tugendhat Villa Brno – modern Czech architecture not far from Prague to the south:

Contemporary architecture in Prague

Prague National Library – Unbuilt design by Future Systems
National Library building in Prague
Image from the architect’s studio

Prague architect

Quadruple architecture in Prague

Pictures for Prague building tours – Welcome to the Czech Republic Architecture Guides page prepared by e-Architect Groups.

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