Porch decor ideas to create the perfect outdoor area

Porch decor ideas to create the perfect outdoor area

A balcony may seem limited in terms of design possibilities, but there is actually a lot you can do to create a relaxing and enjoyable space filled with flowers and plants that will transport you away from busy city life.

The gazebo created by garden designer and gardener Emma Tipping for the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show is a clear example of this, showing that with some clever design and innovative thinking, you can create a beautiful garden even with a very limited space.

Emma Tipping showed off her balcony design at the Chelsea Flower Show

From using your existing balcony features to how to choose the best plants for your balcony, Emma shared her experience and ideas on balcony decor in collaboration with Ruggable, and it’s a must-read for anyone hoping to give their balcony or balcony a makeover. A new lease on life for the summer.

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Take advantage of your existing balcony features

Railings and exterior walls are great features to take advantage of when looking to save space. Plant hangers can be placed on top of railings and fences to avoid using up any floor space, or you can create a wall garden by attaching tall plant pots to the exterior walls ideal for growing produce to create a vegetable patch Private balcony.

Planters are ideal for balconies

“By organizing your plants in this way, space can be maximized and you can add more flowers to your balcony, creating a tranquil environment that is great for plants and wildlife.”

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Recycle and reuse what you already have

“You’ll be amazed at the items you can use to create your own balcony garden. In my exhibition for The Chelsea Flower Show, I used repurposed rubbish bins as planters while the benches were made from old railway sleepers.

“Treated pallets are great for vertical gardens, and can be installed on external walls. Likewise, they can be used to create a seating area, spread to size and stacked to create a high bench for optimal comfort.

Wall planters are a great use of space on your porch

“There are also some kitchen items that can be reused for your balcony. Old tin cans can make beautiful plant pots for small plants, while colanders are perfect for hanging baskets, with a design that provides great drainage when watering.”

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“For tin cans, if you want to make them look a little prettier, you can give them a bit of paint and then simply drill some holes for drainage in the bottom. They’re the perfect size for growing a range of produce that you can use in cooking, like herbs, tomatoes and strawberries.”

“To create a hanging basket, simply line the strainer, fill with compost and arrange your chosen flowers accordingly. Then simply secure with rope and hang from a hook.”

Bring your interiors outside

“The key to making your outdoor space cozy and homey is to bring a touch of the inside out. In my gallery, I used Allura Rug & Ranier Rug from Ruggable, as well as outdoor cushions that make the seating area very cozy “You can sit under the leaves of your plants. It creates a peaceful place to sit, and gives you the real outdoor feeling of being in the middle of nature.”

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Emma used durable outdoor rugs in her porch design

Choose plants with a specific purpose

“Finally, a great tip when deciding which plants to include on your balcony is to choose plants that are practical. When you have a small space, you want to make the most of it and choose plants that have the most benefits.

“So, looking for plants that add fragrance and colour, as well as other functions like being able to be cut for flower arrangements or providing produce that can be eaten, really increases the utility of your balcony.

Hydrangeas look beautiful in pots on the balcony

“For plants that add fragrance, lavender is the perfect choice, as it produces a wonderful, soothing scent. Other fragrant flowers that would be ideal for small outdoor spaces are jasmine, rosemary and lilies, all of which will add wonderful scents to your garden. Plus a range of colors to brighten it up .

“Another of my favorite flowers to try and include in your porch features are hydrangeas. With these flowers, you can cut them to use in fresh flower arrangements, or you can even dry them to create a beautiful dried flower arrangement that will last.”

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