Pokemon fans are showing off incredible designs from the first generation

Pokemon fans are showing off incredible designs from the first generation

This fictional Pokemon fan showcases a huge collection of fusions created from the original 151 creatures introduced in red and blue.


  • One creative Pokemon fan showcases an impressive collection of fusions, combining different creatures from the original Red and Blue lineup.
  • Mergers range from cute combinations to more disturbing matches.
  • Other fans on Reddit are admiring the merges and inquiring about the app being used, highlighting the potential for more merges to take place as new Pokemon games are introduced.

creative Pokemon Fans showed off an impressive collection of fusions that combine different creatures from the original Red and blue Lined up. the Pokemon The games are known for their ever-increasing variety of item-enhanced monsters that players can collect, raise, and battle to see who is the best boss, and naturally, this has inspired a lot of creative fan art over the years. One particularly popular trend is merging two different Pokémon to create a new creature with the powers and physical attributes of both.

The results of these fusions are just as varied as the original Pokémon they take inspiration from, from cute combos like Mew and Magikarp to more annoying matchups like Dodrio and Ditto. Some fans have even combined Pokemon with creatures from other franchises like the ones they are often compared to DigimonAnd also the wording Pokemon Fan games and sites revolve around the concept of inclusion.

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A Reddit user by Magnetroni recently used one of these fan sites as inspiration by combining different Pokémon from the original Red and blue Responsible for generation and editing Pokemon Artwork to match the results. They posted this series of images in two different r/pokemon posts, allowing other fans to see these interesting sets for themselves. Magnetroni has made a total of 23 Pokémon fusions to date, with some of the most notable ones including Pikaysaur (a combination of PokemonThe famous mascot of Pikachu and the starter evolution of the Grass Ivysaur, Digchoke (a fusion of Diglett and Machoke) and Ekmelon (a cross between Ekans and Charmeleon).

Other Reddit users raved about Magnetroni Pokemon Mergers, with some making jokes about how Digchoke is just the rest of Diglett’s body when he’s not half-buried underground. Others have asked what software Magnetroni used to create these fusions, which they say is a website app that only uses the original 151 Generation 1 Pokemon. This has led some to point to improved versions e.g Pokemon Infinite Fusion Which provides a greater variety of monsters to combine.

Even with just Pokemon red and blue The combination to be worked on, the custom Magnetroni collection Pokemon The fusion shows just how diverse these mash-ups are, featuring a wide range of fantastical depictions of the creatures that helped start a series that continues to this day. With the arrival Pokemon scarlet and purple And their additions to the already huge Pokemon Image Gallery There are more potential mergers than ever before – which means the popular trend of merging fan-favorite monsters isn’t going to end anytime soon.

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