Pininfarina has just revealed its latest design: the ZX5 Zamboni

Pininfarina has just revealed its latest design: the ZX5 Zamboni

  • Pininfarina has just revealed its latest design project, the ZX5 Zamboni.
  • Yes, that Zamboni. One ice cleaning. Initial production of the new resurfacer will feature a lithium-ion electric powertrain.
  • Currently, Zamboni (the Company) offers gasoline and electric engines for ice resurfacers (Zambonis).

In a lateral move away from the usual high-end car designs of vehicles like the Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari Enzo or Lancia 037, Italian design house Pininfarina has just announced its latest design: the ZX5 Zamboni. Yes, this is correct. Pininfarina and Zamboni collaborated on the creation. Why did Pininfarina choose Zamboni design? As the great once said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Zamboni with Italian design

If you’ve ever seen it Happy Gilmore, or maybe you’ve spent your own time at an ice rink, you definitely know what an ice resurfacing tool looks like. Just like Band-Aid or Google, Frank Zamboni’s innovation became so ubiquitous with the product, that everyone now refers to ice resurfacing tools as Zambonis.

Zamboni zx5


When the winter sports brand decided it was time to produce a new generation of Zamboni, it partnered with Italian design house Pininfarina. The initial production ZX5 will feature an electric powertrain powered by a lithium-ion battery. The ZX5’s dual-motor engines combine to produce a measly 27 horsepower.

The Pininfarina design is a more modern take on what’s still essentially a box on wheels, but the addition of lights up front helps liven up the look. According to Zamboni, the new resurfacing tool features new technology to reduce inconsistency between operators, as well as save time, labor and water. There’s also an optional new blade change and quick blade change system, which the company says improves safety.

The ZX5 was the first Zamboni product to be designed by a third party, and with Frank Zamboni emigrating from Italy, Pininfarina was a suitable choice. We’re not as familiar with the world of ice resurfacing as we are with the auto industry, but we think this thing looks pretty bad.

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