Sanders House exterior by XMETRICAL.

Undeterred by the slumping demand for architectural services caused by the Great Recession of 2008, architect Jordache Avery started XMETRICAL (pronounced za-metrical) as a modern, design-focused firm in 2009.

Owning a thriving design firm can be a huge accomplishment for an enterprising architect. Self-employed architects have more creative freedom and flexibility on selected projects. They also face the challenges of finding clients and generating referrals from completed projects.

A fan of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies Van de Rohe, Avery saw a growing interest in Atlanta in modern home design with open floor plans, minimalist details, and plenty of natural light. He slowly built a set of traditional residential additions and renovations.

The renewed exterior of the Oakland City MARTA station as designed by XMETRICAL.

by 2014, The Florida A&M School of Architecture graduate completed the construction of his first modern home. He put the project on the Modern Atlanta Home Tour to help his clients promote modern design and gain creative independence from the traditional Atlanta housing market.

Gorgeous designs, such as Sanders’ modern home in 2016, caused quite a buzz during the tour. The architect blurred the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces for the 1,785-square-foot residence on a small plot of land in Southeast Atlanta. Floor-to-ceiling windows, oversized sliding doors, and the use of dark hardwoods in the outdoor and indoor spaces extend outdoor living and entertaining. The omission of floor plinth trim and ornamental details increased the interior spaces. The XMETRICAL homes have become an annual staple on the tour with subsequent projects including Overbrook, Antone and Spring Valley.

While black architects make up only 3% of the field, Avery has triumphed over challenges as a new firm and occasional biases from potential clients. in 2021, Atlanta The magazine named him one of the most powerful leaders in Atlanta. XMETRICAL has grown to be one of the most sought after modern home design companies in Atlanta. His portfolio has expanded to include affordable housing, entertainment and commercial office projects.

Ten5 Town House in Summerhill.

XMETRICAL has recently received the Georgia Chapter Design Award of Merit from the American Institute of Architects (AIA Georgia) for Urban Design and Transit Terminal Design and Analysis with the Campbellton Road Community Investment Corridor project. This Ten5 townhouse development in the Summerhill community benefits from the experience of the multi-family Avery project. DIY Studios, an audio and music studio project, is under construction in Castleberry Hills.

With a talented team of designers on staff, Avery at XMETRICAL aims to create beautifully designed exhibits for generations to come. “Architecture has the power to express our clients’ dynamic stories, unique locations and culture. We enjoy the opportunity to work with our clients to shape these stories.

For more information about Jordache Avery and XMETRICAL, check out the Uplifting Places podcast hosted by Melody Harclerode on Spotify.

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