Park’s modernity leads to amenities being taken into account in future design plans | News, sports, jobs

Park’s modernity leads to amenities being taken into account in future design plans |  News, sports, jobs

A note on the design proposals for a pickleball court and soccer field at Mayor Phil Preziosi/Newberry Park by a City Council member led to a discussion about the park and other amenities and needs in the park.

Councilman John Mackey, looking at the conceptual design, suggested that the court and soccer field be close together for safety reasons. Councilwoman Liz Meili also contributed to the future of park improvements.

McKee’s initial contribution led to a broader discussion about the park’s design after Councilman Eric Peter pointed out how the proposed grant would be discussed by the Economic Revitalization Committee.

Mackey recalled how he was at Brandon Park where there are two city-funded baseball fields and a separate stadium for Licking College, which has its own plan.

“I was out there today walking around and the baseball fields were amazing, and when they start playing baseball there again next summer, it’s going to be very crowded and we need to give the people that are out there a place to go to the bathroom.” Mackey said.

“I don’t know what we’re going to have in mind for this park, but I think if it’s going to work for this park, it’s going to work for Brandon and Memorial as well.” he said, adding that the council should consider using additional money in the American Rescue Plan fund for amenity facilities.

Other amenities discussed to improve the parks included more lighting similar to what Short Park in Loyalsock Township provides to users.

“We’re investing a lot of money into these parks, which is great and we want people to be able to use them for as long as possible.” He said.

Whether that means staying for an extended period of time and having a place to use the bathroom or going there when it’s just starting to get dark and there are lights on, it will be necessary, he added.

He said he believes adding lights is a good way to deter criminal activity as well.

Councilwoman Liz Meili also noted that, along with lights and restrooms, public access to Newbury Park’s water supply should be considered.

She also met with Mayor Derek Slaughter about the rest facilities and suggested the administration add a plan for their maintenance.

“I know when I was working in the community garden at Lose School Park, little kids would (come) in from the basketball courts just looking to get a drink from the hose we had there because there was no other source of water in the garden,” he said. You got it.

City officials said work on public water access could also be the basis for a potential second platform in Newberry.

Based on evidence of improvements in this department at several parks, Delta officials have been an integral part of the city in achieving DCED and other grants that improve the quality of life throughout the city.

It’s part of the city’s overall management plan – with input from council – to use money wisely for parks, recreation and green spaces.

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