Parisian apartment: ambassador’s residence with garden

Parisian apartment: ambassador’s residence with garden

A view of the garden terrace of the Parisian apartment.© Photo: Christophe Quinon / Director: Sarah de Beaumont

Parisian apartment: former property of Celine founder

What relationship could there be between the famous fashion house Celine and the Italian diplomat? A priori nothing. However, they are indirectly connected by a happy coincidence of fate, as they are located on the third floor of a beautiful building dating from the 1560s.H area, in Paris. Upon your arrival, you are greeted by a plaque: This apartment has been bequeathed to the Republic of Italy in recognition of the expertise of the Italian workers who contributed to the success of Celine, signed by M. and Madame Richard Vibiana. When Celine Vibiana died in 1997, she did not forget her artisans from Chianti whose leatherworking talents helped her make shoes popular throughout Paris… This donation thus enabled the Italian state to grant her Permanent Representative to the OECD. Formal accommodations are unparalleled, certainly in their charm but also in their age.

In the dining room is a fruit bowl Nautilus by Wedgwood (Abundantia) and a Murano glass and wrought iron vase by Umberto Bellotto (Maison Rapin) rest on the table. Surrounded by wicker chairs (Galerie Vauclair). On the wall is a painting by Roberto Ruspoli.

© Photo: Christophe Quinon / Director: Sarah de Beaumont

A restoration was necessary, which began under the leadership of Ambassador Antonio Bernardini and was continued by his successor, Ambassador Luca Sabatucci, under the leadership of the Neapolitan architect Seti Grammatica, already accustomed to the building sites of the most prestigious Parisian addresses in trans-Alpine diplomacy.

The pair of huge palm tree wall lamps is signed by Maison Jansen (Maison Rapin). Old doors painted in Chinese style were recovered from the basement.

© Photo: Christophe Quinon / Director: Sarah de Beaumont

Italian excellence in a Parisian apartment

Obviously, you’re not renovating an ambassador’s apartment like a regular client’s apartment. Agreements, treaties and other conventions of utmost importance are likely to be discussed within the four walls of these rooms where the future of international cooperation is sometimes at stake. In other words, details are not underestimated and the décor here becomes a real balance. Cetty Grammatica has integrated all this well from the beginning of the project, without abandoning its taste and intense desire to make this apartment a wonderful showcase of Made in Italy: “ Even the decor and architecture have a diplomatic mission because we narrate a country’s culture through knowledge. Every country also uses art to reveal what they do best, especially a country like Italy. First, I wanted to involve the best Italian companies, which were happy to participate in this restoration, and then I wanted to choose wonderful pieces made by Italians, without forgetting that each of my choices contains a tactical message that the nation wants to convey. It’s a big responsibility! » Hence, for example, the presence of the Marta Sala Éditions sofa, a crucial element: white, as a sign of peace, round enough for packaging, yet structured enough to guarantee comfort, and of course contemporary to enhance the existing craftsmanship. Brianza.

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