Outstanding Wall Trellises of 2023 (Review)

Outstanding Wall Trellises of 2023 (Review)

Buyer’s Guide to a Top Wall Trellis

Here is a buying guide to help you navigate through the countless options and choose the most suitable wall hanging trellis.

Things to consider when purchasing wall trellises

Some considerations are discussed below:


Trellises can come in different sizes and shapes ranging from small, compact models to massive 9-by-5-foot panels. To get the right size, you need to decide when to install the trellis. The intended space and the type of plant you plan to grow on it determine the ideal length and width of the trellis.


Visualize the finished look and decide whether you want a mesh style trellis, a decorative trellis, a bamboo trellis, or a metal trellis. If you want to cover the entire trellis with dense plants, you don’t have to worry about the design as it won’t really be visible. On the other hand, if you are remodeling your outdoor space and want an aesthetically pleasing space, you need to shop from the decorative wall trellis category.


Trellises are manufactured from a variety of different materials. Some common materials include metal, vinyl, and wood. Metal is a classic choice for trellises because it is very durable. Some also allow for bending which means you can shape them into more decorative designs. With metal trellises, you just need to make sure they are properly coated with a weather-resistant finish to prevent rust.

Wood is a classic choice for wall trellises. It is attractive, vintage, and perfect for outdoor settings where it blends easily into the landscape. Wooden trellises require care and maintenance because they are susceptible to deterioration and rot with constant exposure to the outdoors.

Vinyl is a rare but attractive option for a trellis. They are often designed to look like metal or wood but are more resistant to nature’s elements. This material is cheaper than the other two materials as well. It is lightweight and needs secure wall mounting.

Choose a quality trellis

Here are some tips to remember when choosing a garden wall trellis:

  • Check whether the trellis you purchase requires full or partial assembly or does not require any assembly at all. Installation should ideally be a one-person job for wall trellises.
  • Plan ahead what plant or types of plants you will grow on. If you are growing heavy and dense plants, it is best to choose a heavy-duty metal trellis for the required support.
  • Consider how durable the trellis is and whether it requires any maintenance.
  • A long manufacturer warranty is always the preferred option.

Types of trellises for your garden

Here are some types of trellises:

Slanted trellises

Leaning trellises are manufactured to lean against a fence, wall, or other solid structure. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. It is very easy to install as you do not need to put it in the ground or drill mounting equipment into the wall.

Aisle trellises

This species is usually called a tree. They form freestanding arches for flowers and climbers. It covers a large area and you may have to wait a long time to see the results.

Freestanding trellises

Freestanding trellises stand independently and do not need a structure to support them. They require staking on the ground to stand upright. Some of them come in designs that can be mounted on walls and fences as well.

Planter trellises

The planter trellis is compact and comes with legs that you can place in the planter or pot. The main body of the trellis is meant to stand high from the pot for the plant in it to grow.

Wall mount trellises

These trellises are designed to be mounted to the wall only. They are hung on the wall for support and usually do not require complicated assembly operations. Hang them on walls and fences with brackets or hooks with at least a 2-3 inch gap between the wall and the trellis to allow the plants to breathe.

Benefits of wall trellis

Some of the advantages of indoor and outdoor trellises are:

  • The fully loaded and stacked trellis can be used as a patio partition to create separate areas for gardening and/or seating.
  • Trellises can shade your garden as they can be installed in a way that increases the height of the wall.
  • Trellises create an eye-catching aesthetic nook or central focal wall for your garden.
  • They can free up a lot of floor or floor space if you’re dealing with a small space. Small yards look full of oversized pots and plants, and you can simply grow your plants upwards using a space-saving wall trellis.
  • Dense plants can provide shade in your yard, garden or courtyard.
  • Certain types of fruits and vegetables require frames and structures to climb on for better growth.


Wall trellises are designed to combine style, nature and support. It’s a great way to display your plants on vertical structures. However, you have to carefully consider the material, style, mounting type, size and some other things before buying one. This guide explains these factors and recommends the best wall trellises in 2023 for you, too.

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